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About Kathy & Keeping It Human®


Working with a Content Marketing Team in the Bay Area

Comedy, storytelling and strategy are in my DNA. At 8, my first oral presentation was about Harold Lloyd, Hollywood’s premiere comic stuntman and director of the silent film era. Yes, I mimed! My comedy and storytelling nerd superpowers were visible from space.

Today I am a speaker, author, workshop leader, and improv comedian. With an MBA and MA, I have 20 years in communication and innovation strategy and storytelling on the business and comedy stages in the SF Bay Area. My career is a mash-up story of how play can be used as creative fuel. How does your culture focus on how it makes peoples’ lives better because of your products and services?  It can run like an improv group with a collaborative “yes and”  mentality.

We’re all wired for creativity and play, and I am passionate about helping organizations tell human stories, banish boring marketing (I call it jargon-monoxide!) and unleash creativity for big ideas and results. “Idea orgasms” is what I call those powerful a-ha moments and everyone deserves them! You can even give them to yourself.



  • Social Media Today
  • Convinceandconvert.com
  • CustomerThink
  • MarketingProfs
  • Pragmatic Marketing
  • The American Marketing Association’s Marketing Power Magazine
  • Business2Community
  • The Nimble Blog
  • Medium
  • The Society for New Communications Research and The Conference Board
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