Five Ways That Improv Ups Your Business Game

(My first version of this post appeared in PureMatter blog).   I am an unabashed humor and improv nerd. And I mean visibly nerdy from space. At 8, the very first presentation I gave to a class that I remember was on Harold Lloyd, Hollywood’s silent film-era comedy stuntman. Oh, and I dressed the part, too.   Source:    I’ve managed teams in marketing and I’ve been performing comedy [...]

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LinkedIn Summer 2017 Reading List: Stop Boring Me Named Top 25 Book

LinkedIn Summer 2107 Reading List: Top 25 Marketing Books In June, Linkedin published its "LinkedIn Summer 2017 Reading List" and Named "Stop Boring Me!" a top 25 Marketing Must-Read! I am so honored. Thank you, LinkedIn Marketing. LinkedIn Summer 2017 Reading List LinkedIn Summer 2017 Reading List! See the full list here: Be sure to also catch my podcast with Douglas Burdett on The Marketing Book Podcast! [...]

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The Marketing Podcast: Kathy and Douglas Burdett

What Improv Taught Me (and Can Teach You) about Banishing Boring! In the July 28 release episode of The Marketing Podcast with Douglas Burdett, Kathy talks about how great business storytelling can be and how most everything she learned about marketing came from comedy.   The marketing podcast Stop Boring Me! Podcast with Douglas Burdett Kathy's book, "Stop Boring Me! How to Create Kick-Ass Marketing Content, Products and [...]

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Improv in Business Leadership Gap and Management Communications

Improv in Business Leadership Gap On June 2nd, Gary Ware and I did our 2nd livestream discussing improv in business and this time we chatted about improv in business leadership gap. A recent #workforce17 conference presentation revealed that 35% of employees would forgo a raise if they could fire their boss. We chat about this leadership gap and how applied improv can help build leadership muscle when it comes to [...]

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Improv in Business Customer Service and Crisis Communications (video)

Improv in Business Customer Service Source: On May 25th, Gary Ware, fellow improviser and marketer, and I chatted about improv in business customer service and crisis communications. We do a few exercises and talk about ways you can say "yes and" to your customers. Want more info on how to use improv in business? Check out my book! Watch the Video

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Creativity in Business: How to Find Inspiration and Reduce Risk #yesandbrand show

Creativity in Business In this episode of #yesandbrand, my FB #livestream, I chat about creativity in business with my guest, Carla Johnson. Creativity is critical for business - for innovation and differentiation. So why do businesses get stuck, how can they get unstuck and how do we move forward? And how can teams think about bringing ideas to fruition in ways that reduce risk? We discuss all of that  and [...]

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Embrace the Suck that Comes with Creativity (video)

First, Embrace the Suck. Then Pull Out of It. Embrace the Suck. Dealing with the creative ups and downs is hard. Really hard. Sometimes we feel uncertain and uncomfortable because creativity can be messy - it gets harder before it gets better. I call this period of discomfort and unease the creative suck and it's time we embrace the Creative Suck. It's also incredibly normal to have highs and lows [...]

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Warren Whitlock Chat: Kathy and Warren Discuss Stop Boring Me!

Kathy and Warren Whitlock Chat About Kathy's Book, "Stop Boring Me!" In this episode, Warren Whitlock and I chat about my book, "Stop Boring Me!", why improv and marketing are about making your partners look good, and why no one ever writes me a check because they care about my services! Plus, we laugh a lot.

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Speaker Pro Tip: Do you have your audience’s back?

Do you have your audience's back? When you focus on making your audience feel and look good, you stop worrying about how great you are. All that anxiety speakers face dissipates when we put the focus on serving our audience's needs. Speaker Pro Tip: Having Your Audience's Back Makes You a Better Speaker How do you have your audience's back?  You can watch the video here. [...]

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Storytelling Loves Specifics: Details Bring Stories to Life

Storytelling details matter because great, memorable storytelling loves specifics. Great details bring stories to life. In this edition of the #yesandbrand Facebook Live show, I chat about how specific details are a gift to your audience. They anchor your story in memorability, and that will help your storytelling stand out. Great Storytelling Loves Specifics Watch the video below. How do you use details in your storytelling to bring your [...]

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Storytelling and Science: Who Owns the Narrative?

I am a storyteller. It's what I do. I help organizations create better stories. I am a story nerd - visible from the space station! We've been up to our eyeballs in analyses about political narrative in the wake of this past election. What about storytelling and science? This matters because as the political landscape has changed, so too, has the narrative being defined around science by a whole [...]

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How Open-Mic Content Grows Audiences

An open-mic content mindset can help companies tremendously. First, let me back up and define "open-mic." Typically, an open-mic night is a sampling of different acts in one night. Each comic gets 5-10 minutes. And clubs often (thought not always) don't pay open-mic participants. That can be good or bad depending on many factors. The point - to give comics exposure, build audiences for clubs, and allow clubs to preview [...]

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Ten Brand Commandments – Co-Created Content

A Little Background Vincenzo Landino and I chatted a few weeks back for his Brand Boost podcast. We talked about improv and marketing, Happy Days, how “human” – yes, still an important word – has also ironically jumped the marketing shark. We also talked about why all marketers should think like improvisers whose central tenet is “yes and.” That is how improvisers build scenes together. This means you accept a [...]

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8 Traits of Improvisational Business Leaders

We're All Improvisers in Business: Traits of Improvisational Business Masters The following is an excerpt from my new book, ""Stop Boring Me! How to Create Kick-Ass Marketing Content, Products and Ideas Through the Power of Improv." All Hail "The Improviser-in-Chief" Bill Clinton is an example of a master adapter and he demonstrates the best traits of improvisational business leaders. In 2012, NPR called Bill Clinton "The Improviser-in-Chief" for his ability [...]

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Strategic Business Storytelling (Part 2)

Strategic Business Storytelling In July, I presented to the Corporate Board researchers (based in NY) on strategic business storytelling. We are swimming in data; what we need is actionable information that moves us to act. I talked with the group - mostly economists, data analysts and scientists - about the need to focus on the story behind the data. The present and future of strategic business storytelling is [...]

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Strategic Business Storytelling (Part 1)

Strategic Business Storytelling In July, I presented to the Corporate Board researchers (based in NY) on strategic business storytelling. We are swimming in data; what we need is actionable information that moves us to act. I talked with the group - mostly economists, data analysts and scientists - about the need to focus on the story behind the data. The present and future of strategic business storytelling is [...]

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Great Companies Aren’t Just Storytellers: They Act on the Company Story to Drive Results

Business Storytelling vs. Storydoing In his recent HBR article, Ty Montague calls great companies 'storydoing' organizations. The premise: great companies are story doers, not just storytellers. Specifically, this means they take action on stories, and run efficiently and more profitably as a result. Montague has also written a book, True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business. A Purposeful Company Story Aligns Resources The model used [...]

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Hey CMO: Your Product Story Sucks! Great Product Marketing Needs a Better Story, II / II

This is part II/II. Read Part I here. Show How Customers’ Situations “Change” Users don’t buy ‘value propositions’; they buy something bigger that helps them in their lives. The most important part of a story, therefore, is showing how the hero/protagonist of the story changes. What can your customer do now because of your product or service that he/she could not do before? That’s story rocket fuel. Your product or [...]

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Hey CMO: Your Product Storytelling Sucks! Great Product Marketing Needs a Better Story, I / II

Product Storytelling Matters Humans are wired for stories; we’re storytelling animals. Yet, we’re living in an era of ‘Big Data’ information overload. There is too much data chasing too little mindshare these days. That’s because data itself doesn’t create what people want most: meaning. The resurgence in storytelling, the original social medium, is an important and welcome evolution for a number of reasons. Stories are memorable. And because they are [...]

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Mixed Reality Storytelling – Chat with Shel Israel about AR and VR

Fourth Transformation Mixed Reality Storytelling In this episode from May 26th, 2017 of "yesandbrandshow" my Friday 10AM PDT FB video livestream, I talk with Shel Israel, co-author of The Fourth Transformation with Robert Scoble about mixed reality storytelling (AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality)). Watch the Video

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Business Satire on Medium From Kathy Klotz-Guest

Business Satire on Medium Business Satire on Medium - Kathy Klotz-Guest (image: Kai Oberhauser I love writing on the blog and other places including on Medium, especially love to write satire.  You can follow me there and here on my blog. So here are a few snippets of my business satire on Medium. Enjoy! Business Satire on Medium **************************************************************************** 6 “Selfless” Excuses to Use at [...]

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