Break the Fourth Wall for Brand Storytelling Success

Last year I wrote a piece about live streaming (I was honored that it was a top ten post on Convince and Convert for 2016 and thanks to Brian Fanzo who I interviewed in the article). The piece focused on how brands are finding success by letting users in on behind the scenes events. It’s also something I wrote about in my book: It's time to break the fourth wall [...]

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How Open-Mic Content Grows Audiences

An open-mic content mindset can help companies tremendously. First, let me back up and define "open-mic." Typically, an open-mic night is a sampling of different acts in one night. Each comic gets 5-10 minutes. And clubs often (thought not always) don't pay open-mic participants. That can be good or bad depending on many factors. The point - to give comics exposure, build audiences for clubs, and allow clubs to preview [...]

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Ten Brand Commandments – Co-Created Content

A Little Background Vincenzo Landino and I chatted a few weeks back for his Brand Boost podcast. We talked about improv and marketing, Happy Days, how “human” – yes, still an important word – has also ironically jumped the marketing shark. We also talked about why all marketers should think like improvisers whose central tenet is “yes and.” That is how improvisers build scenes together. This means you accept a [...]

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How to Find Remarkable Stories

Need inspiration for great stories? Look at the human experiences that shape you and your business. Great stories are everywhere. You just have to know where to look! Inside and Outside the Organization The Truth Matters. Image source: 1. Your values and big purpose - how do you help people? What's the cause you are committed to that's bigger than you? It’s never about just your products. [...]

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Generate Creative Marketing Ideas Using Improv Comedy

This past week, I had a blast reprising a blab I started about 10 months ago: how to generate creative marketing ideas using improv comedy. This is the 4th installment in the series with my improv and marketing friends, Gary Ware and Brian Carter. We're all marketers and improvisers. There is so much noise out there and a lot of bad content. So you have to experiment and think differently [...]

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Storytelling Leadership (video)

Executive Storytelling Leadership Trends and How-Tos As always I had a great time chatting about Executive storytelling leadership with my friends and colleagues, Annette Simmons and Karen Dietz. And we had a great surprise appearance from Jim Signorelli.  We chatted about values, authenticity, and empathy. Where is the empathy in executive storytelling? Watch the video here. We discuss lots of things including why the Hero's Journey is only [...]

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Save the Children Storytelling Lessons

UK Campaign: Save the Children Storytelling Lessons My friend, lovely human being and fellow storyteller, Park Howell, shared the following campaign from Save the Children with me recently. It's a powerful and touching piece of storytelling:  Save the Children Storytelling Lessons Great storytelling does a number of things to pull us in. This particular video uses a few techniques that are effective in highly emotionally charged stories. Here [...]

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How Brands Use Live Streaming Video

My article first ran on Convince and Convert. I am a storytelling and comedy nerd, a marketer, and a comic improviser. I know how important preparing and letting go is. In the same way software nerds rule technology development (I say this with admiration, as I am married to one!), the future of streaming video success belongs to leaders that embrace conversation, being human, and letting go. (Side note: here [...]

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How to be a More Human Connector: with Bryan Kramer

I had such a great time talking to my friend, Bryan Kramer of Purematter on the show recently. Bryan is an influencer, a down-to-earth nice guy and such a powerful connector. We had fun chatting about how to be a more human connector and the powerful lessons he's learned that we can all benefit from. I so relate to much of his journey and I know you will, too. Follow [...]

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