Create a Better Customer Experience with One Change: Make a Content You-Turn

Across different content types – from presentations, to articles, to social posts – there is one thing companies can easily do better. And that is to make a YOU-turn. The challenge: too much content uses what I’ve always jokingly referred to as a ‘Beaches’ marketing approach. It's easy to fall into this trap. Stop ME-Focused Marketing Remember the movie Beaches, where Bette Midler’s character says to her dying best friend, [...]

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Want to Create Shareable Content? Make Your Customer the Hero! …Here’s How Intel Did It

Many companies focus on ‘thought leadership’ content that makes the company look great. That’s about you. Here’s a better way to actually get your audience to participate and share content: make your customer the hero. Your products and services aren’t the hero – they are the weapon – or maybe the superhero sidekick – that enables the hero to do amazing things. Help your customer tell that story of their [...]

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The Newest CMO Buzzword with a Cause: Human

In time for Ad Week, Ad Age published the following article about 'human' being the most recent buzzword. Hell yes! Damn straight! Buzzwords – boo!....Stop with the marketing jargonstipation! Well, actually, I should back up and explain. I named my company – Keeping it Human – about 4 years ago before the "Human saturation” movement. It’s people! No, not Soylent Green; it’s People…well, marketing for, and about, people! It’s about [...]

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Busting the ‘Women Aren’t Funny’ Myth – Bringing Funny Broads to Boardrooms

I cringe every time I hear the "Women aren't funny" nonsense. Well, they haven't met me or the many women entrepreneur friends I know. There are some general truths to this 'mythology' based on research, however. Women need to do is start showing up and engaging - jokes are a small part of the full spectrum of funny. Humor is having a sense of levity. So, lighten up, ladies! Secondly, [...]

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Video: Think Like an Improviser, Speak Like Your Customer – AINx Talk from the 2012 Applied Improv Network World Conference

View my AINx talk from the 2012 Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) World Conference Think Like an Improviser, Speak Like a Customer Blah, blah, blah, blah. This is what customers hear when we drone on about our methods. Every industry has its insider language; yet, customers should not be on the outside of that conversation! Improvisation is no different. Granted we have fun jargon. When we expect customers to learn our [...]

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Connect “Like a Boss” – 9 Secrets of Master Communicators and The World’s Best Brands, Part II/II

This post is Part II of II. Read Part I. Always keep people at the center of your focus. This demonstrates empathy and empathy matters. Imagine you sell to executives, and you know they are worried about cash flow, their own reputations, and their own personal risk. What is more effective – talking about the data (for example, we’ll increase your cash flow by 35%), or appealing to their financial [...]

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Connect “Like a Boss” – 9 Secrets of Master Communicators and The World’s Best Brands, Part I

Keep Communications Human in a World of Partial Attention. It Starts with Connecting. What does it mean to "Keep it Human" in the way you communicate? Great leaders and brands don't communicate; they connect. They make it look easy and, in a world, of too much noise competing for partial, fragmented attention, great communicators cut through the noise. How can you be a more human, powerful and effective communicator? What [...]

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Scaling Customer Relationships Means Scaling the Human Element

Marketing Automation is Not a Customer Relationship-Building Strategy Social media is about people. Marketers know this. We’ve talked about it forever. Yet, we want to scale, so we throw technology at the issue. Because technology scales everything right? Wrong. The ‘Human Element’ matters. People, too, must scale.   Here’s the issue: marketing automation. No, I’m not against it. Marketing automation is great if it creates better, more human experiences. However, [...]

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The Social Enterprise – Lessons on Content, Internal Advocacy and the Human Element From IBM’s Susan Emerick

Content, Profits and Internal (Employee) Advocacy Today I had the pleasure of talking with Susan Emerick from IBM. We chatted about content, employee advocates and to how balance marketing as both art and science. IBM has more internal employee bloggers/champions than any company around. How has IBM been able to scale relationships? It's not just with technology. IBM has grown by being open, decentralizing content creation and trusting (and empowering) [...]

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Podcast: Customer Delight in a Social World – a Chat with CustomerThink CEO Bob Thompson

I had the pleasure of chatting with my colleague, Bob Thompson, on my July 25th podcast! What a great show. One of the biggest points that we chatted about was that it often takes so little to delight the customer – it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money for the company; yet it adds incremental value for the customer. Secondly, the human factor matters and it has to [...]

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