Make Customers Feel Part of Something Bigger – How Tough Mudder Created Value by Creating a Movement

I admit it. I want to be one Tough Mudder because it represents grit, tenacity, and the best about competing in a hardcore athletic event: finding your capacity for being better. Create a Customer Movement Tough Mudder is a great example of marketing because the focus is not on the product or service. Instead, the event tells a story about something aspirational – something bigger than products, services, and even [...]

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Want to Create Shareable Content? Make Your Customer the Hero! …Here’s How Intel Did It

Many companies focus on ‘thought leadership’ content that makes the company look great. That’s about you. Here’s a better way to actually get your audience to participate and share content: make your customer the hero. Your products and services aren’t the hero – they are the weapon – or maybe the superhero sidekick – that enables the hero to do amazing things. Help your customer tell that story of their [...]

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Marketing with a Purpose Means Knowing Your ‘Why’

I've written a lot about knowing your core purpose and telling that story in marketing. It's your most important one. And I've had a number of conversations recently on this exact topic. So the blog post below is an updated version of the original piece I wrote about 1.5 years ago: Great Marketing Answers the "Why." Enjoy. Leaders Sell Ideas and Hope Leaders sell ideas, inspiration and hope, not services. [...]

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Yes, and…5 Ways That Improvisation Can Make You a Kick-Ass Marketer

I am a marketer. I am also an improviser. That means I am also a storyteller. Like improvisation, all great marketing is ultimately storytelling. Before I threw myself (slightly kicking and screaming) into improvisation, I did sketch comedy and stand-up. Few things will help you stretch your comfort zone (read: scare the pants off you!) like comedy and improvisation (Think: Whose Line is it Anyway?). Improvisation is a storyteller’s weight [...]

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Change The Game and Make Networking More Human

Tired of the typical approach to networking? Hey who isn’t? You go to an event and try to meet people. People are filtering you in or out based on your name tag, and deciding whether you are worth their time (hey, you know the undignified ‘sizing up’ look). Then, we engage in the awkward dance of “what do you do?” and, when people recite a litany of credentials, we feign [...]

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Today’s Executive Communicators Must Be The Company ‘Purpose Keepers’

A new era of executive communications is here, thankfully. Move over sound bite-spewing CEOS. Fragmented media compete for increasingly divided customer attention. The decline of trust in corporations combined with the increasing volume and complexity of information have left audiences with a glut of ‘data’ and, yet, a paucity of meaning. And factor in customer demographic shifts (‘Millennials’ anyone?), and social media’s demands for transparency. People don’t want more facts. [...]

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Creating a Core Marketing Story that Matters– It’s Much Bigger Than Your Company

Keeping marketing human means your core story is never about you, your technology, or your products and services. As Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, states, you must think bigger than what you do. In the case of Zappos, Hsieh knows the shoes his company sells are incidental. Hsieh maintains that Zappos delivers “happiness.” That’s a tall order; and yet, by any standard, Zappos has one of the best customer service [...]

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Secrets of Executive Communications Jedi Masters

Executive communications is an area undergoing rapid change. The best communicators have the uncanny ability to connect with their audience on such a visceral level that we hang on every word. They don’t just communicate; they connect. They don’t follow a script – they paint a picture with their words. They are able to adapt, adjust and improvise because they lead with conviction and feeling, sensing the audience’s needs in [...]

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