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69 Marketing Predictions for 2016

By |2017-02-22T01:03:55+00:00December 17, 2015|

69 Marketing Predictions for 2016 My friend and colleague, Bryan Kramer of Purematter compiled his list of 69 marketing predictions for 2016. I was honored to contribute alongside some really smart people I follow, know, and chat with. To see the predictions and where to double-down on your marketing efforts, check out the post! It's got some great advice. Here's to your marketing success in 2016. What are [...]

Content Marketing Mindfulness

By |2017-02-22T01:04:37+00:00December 14, 2015|

Social Media and Content Marketing Mindfulness Kathy talked to author and social pro, Janet Fouts, about content marketing mindfulness and social media mindfulness. How do we become more mindful? What does it mean? Mindfulness. Pic by You can watch the blab here. What does content marketing mindfulness (including social media) mean to you? I'd love to know in the comments below.

How to Generate Awesome Ideas for Content, Marketing, Products

By |2017-02-21T01:07:03+00:00December 1, 2015|

Using Improv to Generate Awesome New Content, Marketing and Product Ideas Join me for this Blab on December 2nd where we will be innovating new ideas LIVE! It's hard to stand out in a noisy world. To do that you need to think differently. We know improv can help generate new insights and ideas on marketing, product innovation and content. We've innovated lots of new ideas using improv before. Check [...]

Comedy in Marketing: Chat with Author David Nihill

By |2017-02-22T01:12:58+00:00November 22, 2015|

On November 17, I had a great time chatting on the podcast with my friend and colleague, author and FunnyBizz founder, David Nihill, about comedy in marketing and speaking. This is a topic near to my heart and David's. Comedy in Marketing: A Chat with David Nihill Comedy in Marketing and Speaking Listen to the podcast now. Want other ways to lighten up? Here you go! Humor in [...]

Content Marketing and Improv

By |2017-02-22T01:22:31+00:00October 9, 2015|

How to generate kick-ass content marketing ideas using improv On my improv and innovation cafe' series, I've had a blast discussing how to generate new ideas for content marketing using improvisation techniques. I've been joined by two marketing friends, Gary Ware and Brian Carter. What do content marketing and improv have in common? Lots of stuff. They go together like peanut butter and jelly! Want to generate more ideas to [...]

Improv and Content Marketing, Part II (video)

By |2017-02-22T01:50:05+00:00July 31, 2015|

We - Brian Carter, Gary Ware and I - had so much fun in part I, that we came back for more! On July 30th, we had a part II of improv and content marketing. In this episode, we demonstrated live how improv can be applied to generate new ideas for content. Keeping it Human's Improv and Innovation Cafe' Improv and Content Marketing: An Effective Way to Generate [...]

Content Marketing Humor: My Talk at FunnyBizz (Video)

By |2017-02-21T01:29:45+00:00July 22, 2015|

Batman & Hotwheels: Marketing Inspired by Your Inner Kid I had the honor of speaking at FunnyBizz San Francisco on June 11, 2015. There were so many great presentations that day - all advancing the idea of eradicating boring marketing by bringing humor into business. Some of those presentations focused specifically - not exclusively - on content marketing humor. That is a conference I can get behind! Be sure to [...]

Get the Most From Your Facebook Marketing: Podcast with Andrea Vahl

By |2017-02-21T01:41:58+00:00May 20, 2015|

How to Grow Your Business with Facebook Marketing On June 21st, I had the pleasure of chatting with Facebook marketer and fellow improviser, Andrea Vahl. We chat about how to grow your business with Facebook, what's new in terms of changes for the social media network that marketers must know, and how she came up with that slightly cranky social expert alter ego, "Grandma Mary." Think: Vicki Lawrence and Carol [...]

Three Big Ways Humor in Advertising Can Drive Marketing Success

By |2017-02-09T00:49:59+00:00April 8, 2015|

Note: this is a condensed article based on Kathy's ebook on adding humor and storytelling to your content! Download the ebook today! Humor is Human! As content marketing explodes, so too, does the volume of noise. You have about 7 seconds to grab attention. There is just too much content and advertising chasing too few brain cycles for processing. Laughter lowers the intellectual shield your busy prospects have up all [...]