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Speaking "Kathy served as closing keynote at AMA Cincinnati 2018 IGNITE CX Conference. She delivered the perfect balance of humor and thought-provoking content in a highly engaging, energetic, relevant presentation. She is exceptional, and attendees are still talking about, quoting, and applying Kathy’s “yes-and” and story concepts in practice!" - Past President, Gina Bonar Need a playful, inspiring and interactive workshop or keynote to collaborate, create and communicate better? [...]

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Jargonorrhea Live: A RoundUp of My Favorite Marketing Podcasts

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My Favorite Marketing Podcasts I started my podcasts series with a tongue-in-cheek title just over 1.5 years ago. Kathy Klotz-Guest on The idea was to have fun with great guests where we could discuss marketing in a human way without the talking head, self-promotional, jargon-laden nonsense. In that last 18 months, we've had some awesome guests give great info, have fun, make us laugh and think. And [...]

How smart entrepreneurs communicate big ideas

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The Reaction to Data Overload The curse of knowledge happens to all of us. We're so familiar with our expertise that we forget others may not be and that they don't care because they have their own challenges to worry about. IntellectualSpeak - knowing your stuff so well (called the curse of knowledge) - often gets in the way of our ability to connect with audiences. It doesn't [...]

Keeping B2B Marketing Content “Human”

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There would be a lot less bad marketing in the world if executives were forced to read all the ineffective, sometimes downright awful, content their organizations produce. Marketing is supposed to put human needs first by sounding like it was created for humans by humans. Marketers know this. So why is there so much bad B2B marketing content out there? It’s not a lack of creative storytelling talent. B2B companies [...]

Humor Drives Profits: The Creativity-Innovation Connection

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Humor Drives Profits: The Creativity - Innovation Connection Humor is good business. In fact, it’s critical to the creative, innovative process that drives strategic advantage in the marketplace. Humor is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s a competitive necessity. Success demands constant market innovation. Moreover, the most important motivation for employees isn’t money. Employees want to be valued and challenged at work. This means being able to use [...]