Product Design with Applied Improvisation

On October 23rd, I had a blast chatting with Jessie Cohen Shternshus of Improv Effect, about applying principles of improvisation to product design and design thinking. Product Design and Design Thinking A few highlights from our conversation: 1. At the heart of improv and product design using design thinking methods is empathy. Focus on what your customers really need. 2. Empathy starts with great listening. When you interview (and later [...]

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Customer Stories Power Your Products—and Your Marketing

While some companies are rewriting the playbook on product and service design, too often storytelling begins after the product is finished. Some of the most important storytelling, however, happens before and while the product is being built. The savviest designers know that telling the story of your customer and their human challenges first is necessary to design a product that fits into an existing human narrative to make it better. [...]

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Creating Awesome Products and Services: Part I, Interview with Mike Harding

I recently chatted with Mike Harding, innovator and developer, about creating awesome new products and services. I met Mike when we both presented product and service innovation sessions at The 2012 Silicon Valley Product Camp at eBay in March. He has worked with numerous startups ranging from fruit and produce wholesaling to Java application servers. Mike worked to bring software and developers into the networking world at Juniper Networks. His [...]

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Jobs’ Genius: Making Technology More Human

Steve Jobs was an amazing creative force. Much has already been written in the last day after his passing and much will be written about his contributions to movie animation, to computing and to music for years to come. His contributions were far reaching, and among the most profound of those was his insistence on keeping technology (and marketing) simple and "human." Jobs not only simplified technology, he never forgot [...]

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