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Make your stories work better together!

Storytelling leadership: collaborative story strategy and culture for leaders, teams, and brands

  • Abolish boring, complexity, and jargon-monoxide!

  • Inspire playfulness and innovation.

  • Engage your teams, employees and customers with strategic, collaborative storytelling!

I help people become purposeful storytellers who dream big, have fun, and drive change!

A playful storytelling culture means employees tell and live the big brand story, and use it to collaborate on new marketing, service, content and product ideas, and to create great customer and employee experiences that make peoples’ lives better. That’s the power of “social” storytelling. Blending business strategy and applied improvisation, we make storytelling more agile, collaborative, and engaging. 

Keynote Speaking, Workshops, Facilitation to Move Your Brand Forward!

Reach out today.  Let’s move your brand forward! Together.


Kathy’s approach to creative ideation is inspired, fun, and unique. She helped us stretch the boundaries of how we approach content for our organization with such fresh thinking. Kathy’s workshop helped us see the evolving role of content as creative expression for our brand. I highly recommend! – Lizz K.,  Sprout Social

Thanks for leading a terrific b2g session, Kathy. You rocked it!! – Lucie Newcomb, board advisor, brand2global conference

Kathy did a phenomenal job keynoting our inaugural conference. The simplicity of her message coupled with her fun interactive exercises, completely engaged our audience. Simply inspiring! – Shlomi Ron, Visual Storytelling Institute

LinkedIn.com names “Stop Boring Me!” a Top 25 Marketing Must-Read


“Big brands need to take down the marketing firewall to create more meaningful, human & interactive ‘we’ moments with audiences.” @kathyklotzguest


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Warren Whitlock Chat with Kathy Klotz-Guest, author,

“Research shows that 92.3% of audiences are, in fact, human!”

Check out my latest book

“Stop Boring Me!” How to Create Kick-Ass Marketing Content, Products and Ideas Through the Power of Improv.”

“Stop Boring Me!” was named a must-read marketing book for 2017 on Inc.com!

“..And it was named to LinkedIn.com‘s Top 25 Must-Read Marketing Books 2017″


“Kathy is funny, insightful, kicks boring in the butt, smart as hell, engaging, and inspiring.”

Attendee at the Visual Storytelling Institute Summit

“Kathy did a phenomenal job keynoting our inaugural Visual Storytelling conference. The simplicity of her message coupled with fun interactive drills – totally engaged our audience. Simply inspiring!”

Shlomi Ron, co-founder @ Visual Storytelling Institute

“Kathy has fun and it’s infectious. She is credibly authentic – she doesn’t talk about it, she shows it. The energy was fantastic.”

United Way Silicon Valley

“Kathy’s style is engaging, relevant and inspiring. Thank you, Kathy!”

Jane LeFevre, United Way Silicon Valley team

“If you want a speaker that will bore the crap out of your audience, don’t hire Kathy. If you want to laugh, engage, interact, and walk away with ideas that you created during one of her talks, then Kathy is YOUR speaker.”

Byron White, WriterAccess and Content Marketing Conference

“Kathy’s expertise shines. She provided great insights our team will use to every advantage. And her enthusiasm, humor and energy made an outstanding Brand Team All-Hands!”

Diane Gage-Lofgren, former VP of Brand, Marketing, and Communications, Kaiser Permanente

“Wow! Kathy is a great speaker. How she manages to consistently weave humor and storytelling with practical advice can only be appreciated by being in her audience. She sprinkles practical gems with stories. Kathy is passionate, entertaining and authoritative!”

Jack Longinotti, Program Chair – Careers, FEI Silicon Valley

“Kathy’s approach to creative ideation and concepting is fun, inspired and unique. Incorporating elements of improv to stretch the boundaries of how we approach content for our organization was such a great way to bring fresh thinking and perspective to the work we do. Content doesn’t have to be purely functional, and Kathy’s workshop helped us to see the evolving role of content and its capabilities for brand building and creative brand expression. Highly recommend!”

Lizz Kannenberg , Sprout Social
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