Social Shakeup – A Chat with SMT’s Robin Fray Carey

Social Shakeup Recently, I had the fun of catching up with Robin Fray Carey, Founder of Social Media Today, about the Social Shakeup Conference in September - what's new, what companies are doing and what they should be thinking about in terms of social media best practices. Social Media Today Key Points from the Podcast You'll have to listen to the podcast to hear all the good stuff [...]

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When “Funny” Isn’t: A Social Media Humor Fail

Social Media Author Jay Baer wrote an interesting piece this week (August 4) about a case of social media humor gone wrong. The culprit: the Facebook page of the Evansville, Indiana airport. The page featured the following post that people were responding to: We just saw a tweet from Google facts that an airline in India only hires women because they are lighter, so they save $500,000 in fuel!!! Insert [...]

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Podcast: A Content Marketing Chat with Social Media Today’s Robin Carey

I had a blast talking with my colleague, Robin Fray Carey, the CEO and co-Founder of Social Media Today on April 4. We talked about content marketing strategies in the face of the content explosion. The pace of content is exponentially increasing. So what do businesses need to know about content marketing?What are the big trends? What is the most important thing every business should before they upgrade their strategy [...]

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Storytelling and “Stellar Presentations”: A “Non-Naked” Conversation with Shel Israel

I had the pleasure of chatting with my colleague and co-conspiring mischief maker, Shel Israel, about his latest book, Stellar Presentations. Shel and I first met as Founding Fellows of the new media research think tank, Society for New Communications Research, A masterful storyteller, Shel Israel is a writer, consultant and keynote speaker. He is CEO of SI Associates and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He [...]

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Millennials, Mirth, and Money: Making Gen Y Laugh and Learn Pays for Credit Unions, Post 1

This is the first of 3 posts that ran on Today’s financial institutions, like other industry sectors, recognize how important it is to reach out to the Generation Y cohort of 18- to 30-year-olds. Traditional, conservative and stuffy marketing approaches do not work with these digital natives—and neither does throwing social media technology or “cool” marketing on top of existing approaches. While Gen Y likes technology, a lot of [...]

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Warning: Objects With Social Media Are Larger Than They Appear

Social media tools operate like a high-powered microscope (telescope, mirror...pick your metaphor!). They amplify everything you do - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Oh, the ugly and the abject horror. So before you start tool-chasing as a consequence of "shiny object" syndrome, make sure everything you do is as clear and sewn-up as possible. If your marketing is fragmented, social media will cast a huge spotlight on that. [...]

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Keeping Marketing Human Means Keeping it Simple

Complexity is easy; simplicity is hard. There is a lot of noise out there. If being simple were easy, everybody would have mastered it. That’s a great thing; when your competitors are convoluted, simplicity sets you far ahead of the pack. Whether it’s your offerings, your service, all the ways you engage with your customer or your marketing messages, simplicity gives you a big advantage. Complexity alienates and destroys value. [...]

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How Credit Unions Can Engage with Humor

By infusing social media with humor and changing the way they think about business, credit unions can establish a critical generational bridge to market more effectively to Millennials. This article appeared in The June 2011 edition of Connection Magazine, published by the Credit Union Association of New York. Enjoy! Click to view article

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