Marketing with a Purpose Means Knowing Your ‘Why’

I've written a lot about knowing your core purpose and telling that story in marketing. It's your most important one. And I've had a number of conversations recently on this exact topic. So the blog post below is an updated version of the original piece I wrote about 1.5 years ago: Great Marketing Answers the "Why." Enjoy. Leaders Sell Ideas and Hope Leaders sell ideas, inspiration and hope, not services. [...]

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Great Marketing Answers the “Why”

Leaders sell ideas and inspiration, not services. They are adept at answering “the Why” – why they do what they do. It is a fundamental human question. People often buy products and services based on a feeling of connection rather than on some objective, decision-making criteria. Yep. Humans are rarely completely rational, as Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational, posits in his work. Yet, that’s exactly how most marketing approaches [...]

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