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Warren Whitlock Chat with Kathy Klotz-Guest, author, "Stop Boring Me!"

My latest book is Stop Boring Me!” How to Create Kick-Ass Marketing Content, Products and Ideas Through the Power of Improv.”

What do you call a book that helps marketers, entrepreneurs, product teams, branding, sales use improv to generate and tell massively creative stories, come up with better products and services and content and banish boring? You’d call that a must-read. That’s “Stop Boring Me!” Innovation + Improv = Idea Orgasms for Content, Products, and Storytelling!

“Stop Boring Me!” was named a must-read book for 2017 on!

If you are a rigid thinker in a rigid company, put this book down and walk away right now. But if there is any creativity left in you, read Stop Boring Me!. It’s what you need to unlock the storytelling power of your own brain. And it’s a blast!
– Josh Bernoff, author, Writing Without Bullshit

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Intro ch: “How can you engage an audience with content and stories that aren’t engaging?” #stopboringmebook by @kathyklotzguest
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Intro ch: “B2B doesn’t mean blah to boring. Boring is not a requirement. It’s a choice. And you get to make it.” #stopboringmebook by @kathyklotzguest
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Ch 1: “Stop boredom-induced snoring – snoredom – stat! Get #Stopboringmebook by @kathyklotzguest and remain calm. Whew!”
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Intro ch: Ch 2: “Improv is circuit training for your creative brain! Spandex is optional.” From #stopboringmebook by @kathyklotzguest
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Ch 3: “Plans are roadmaps, not fiancés. Like them; don’t marry them. Plan and know when to let go.” #stopboringmebook @kathyklotzguest
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Ch 3: “Specifics are gifts audiences love. It’s the difference between director and Kubrick, video game and Pong.” #stopboringmebook @kathyklotzguest”
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Ch 4: “Great business storytelling starts with the truth. And comedy is that truth on steroids.” #stopboringmebook @kathyklotzguest
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Ch 5: “Business can’t do end-runs around buyers’ humanity and expect to win. Business is a relationship game.” #stopboringmebook @kathyklotzguest
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Ch 6: “A great story has a ‘we.’ Relationships are emotional glue.” #stopboringmebook @kathyklotzguest
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