As a marketer and comic improviser, this is a topic near and dear to my storytelling heart. I know comedy can help marketers learn to connect with audiences in a much deeper way and make us better content marketers! I didn’t learn that in business school.

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Content Marketing Lessons

Improvisation has changed my world. It’s not just about honing in on your funny bone; the true lessons of improvisation are about so much more than being funny. In fact, improv can actually make us better marketers by making us better collaborators, better team players and more adaptable.

Tweet: Plans are roadmaps, not fiancés. Like them; don’t marry them.

And yes, mprov comedy will make you funnier.

Here are 7 lessons (yes, there’s more…7 is a starting point!) I’ve learned from improvisation classes that can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Take Risks

Social engagement requires experimentation. In a world of big data and analytics, marketing is still a hell of a lot of art. Improvisation involves taking creative risks and following our gut (not just our head).

Risk is a muscle; when you exercise, it grows. To evolve, marketing has to take similar risks. Sometimes things won’t work. The more you take experiment, the more you fail quickly and discover what works. As with improvisation, in marketing there is no way to know if something works except one: doing it.

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How has improv or comedy changed your approach to marketing? What’s one thing you got from this post that you can use? Leave a comment, thought, joke below.

Kathy doing Improv Comedy

Content Marketing Lessons from Improv Comedy

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