Creating Ballsy Content – Why it Matters, What it Means, and How to Do it

Jon Burkhart and I had a blast on a blab we did Thursday August 4th on how creating ballsy content (with a high badass ratio) is a creative imperative today. How do you push past fear, get bolder in your thinking, and how can improvisation (and yes and!) help? Also, why do Jon and I keep laughing at “balls and boinking?” Imagine a workshop with ball guns! Because fun creates an environment where people play and where creating ballsy content is possible! This is the most fun I have had on blab – like ever!

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Creating ballsy content

Creating ballsy content

What do ball guns and improv have in common? They help groups unleash their creativity. Play is a creative catalyst. Ballsy content involves making bold choices, collaborating and having fun.

How do you create ballsy content? Let me know.

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