We all know there is way too much jargon in tech. I make it my mission to fight it. It’s pervasive. Jargon, like a virus, multiplies.

Keeping it Human kills jargon on contact! by Kathy Klotz-Guest

Jargon hurts your business. There is just too much noise out there; and if I can’t ‘get’ what you do, I’ll move on.

Venture Beat Magazine had a great feature where they brought together a panel of smart middle-school kids and tech execs. And one by one, they asked these executives to explain their technologies to the panel. You can see the full video here.


Kids are a smart, tough crowd. These kids asked GREAT questions that even some adults are afraid to ask for fear they will look foolish. That’s why they make a fantastic panel. Unlike adults, kids won’t let you get away with a lack of clarity. Adults, well, we won’t work that hard.

Can you explain your big data tech to kids? You should be able to. This experiment wasn’t just fun; it was brilliant. Complex technology suffers from messaging complexity, too. The only antidote to messaging complexity is simplicity. And explaining technology to kids is a genius litmus test. If they don’t ‘get’ it (and they ask questions unabashedly), you don’t know your story. And that means you have clarification work to do.

All tech executives should be required to explain their technology to a group of kids. It’s the best messaging drill around!