How to Grow Your Business with Facebook Marketing

On June 21st, I had the pleasure of chatting with Facebook marketer and fellow improviser, Andrea Vahl. We chat about how to grow your business with Facebook, what’s new in terms of changes for the social media network that marketers must know, and how she came up with that slightly cranky social expert alter ego, “Grandma Mary.” Think: Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett – two of my favorite funny ladies!

How to grow your business with Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing champion, Andrea Vahl

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Facebook Marketing has Changed

Organic reach through Facebook has dropped for many businesses. However, Andrea makes a great point that all marketing is a monthly investment and Facebook should be viewed as simply part of that ongoing “subscription.” In that regard, it’s no different from any monthly ad investment. Facebook’s targeting capabilities are amazingly powerful  for reaching a very well-defined customer segment: even (maybe especially) in b2b.

Other key points in the podcast:

1.  There are great ways to connect content to your funnel, so you are generating leads. The example used was Hubspot – they do a great job. Give away some great content for free by tying it to your funnel.

2. Make sure you are using visuals and videos. It’s the age of visual marketing and views of Facebook videos (due to Autoplay) has eclipsed YouTube views recently. You still need to post in YouTube, of course, for organic search.


Enjoy the Podcast



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