FunnyBizz Conference

David Nihill, FunnyBizz Conference Co-Creator

FunnyBizz Conference Might Just Well be a Movement

I had a fun time chatting with FunnyBizz Conference Co-creator, David Nihill, on the show on Thursday, September 11. I met David at in San Francisco in June 2014 – the inaugural launch of the conference. It was small – roughly 100 people – brought together at the SF Chapel by a common belief that humor and comedy belong in content and marketing. It was a tribal convocation. No need to evangelize – only talk about how to change marketing.

Summary of the Podcast

David and I jammed in a number of great discussion points in a short amount of time. High-impact; low minute count!

1. Marketing is changing; so must content. We all know as marketers that there is way too much noise.

2. Even in B2B, there is no excuse for boring content – it doesn’t matter if your industry is boring.

3. David and I both totally agree – the heart of great content is a story. Adding humor to that is a huge competitive advantage. Forget budgets, a great story and a fun approach will kick production values to the curb every day of the week. Hands down.

4. Be sure to check out BetaBrand – it’s a great company and they do some really fun things that have gotten them lots of media coverage. I think humor garners earned media that paid media couldn’t buy in most cases I’ve seen.

5…Listen to the podcast. (Slight echo happening early in the podcast..we tamed it. Carry on!)

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Get thee to a Podcast-ery

Enough talk. Let’s do the podcast!

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Humor in Marketing Resources

Be sure to visit Keeping it Human’s other resources on the topic of Marketing Humor, as well Kathy’s books on Amazon.

My latest book is “The Marketing Executive’s Bedtime Guide to Better Presentations with Humor. Don’t Present; Connect!”

What does FunnyBizz mean to you? How would you like to see comedy in content evolve? Let me know below.

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