I had such a great time talking to my friend, Bryan Kramer of Purematter on the show recently. Bryan is an influencer, a down-to-earth nice guy and such a powerful connector. We had fun chatting about how to be a more human connector and the powerful lessons he’s learned that we can all benefit from. I so relate to much of his journey and I know you will, too.

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How to be a more human connector

From social agency partner to social media influencer

Secrets on how to be a more human connector

Bryan and I chatted about a lot of things – as much as you can in 30 min. Some of the highlights:

1. Uncover your key strength, share it, and focus on that as your springboard.
2. Help others in their journey and share their stories. Be of service because it does come back to you.
3. Practice – get out there and connect with others. Offer to help, interview them, and speak. Get on stages to share. Get on as many stages as you can so you can hone your message. Influence is also about helping and inspiring. (Church o’ truth!)
4. Unleash your “inner Focker” (as Bryan calls it). You don’t have to be perfect; you need to be relatable and human to connect (can I get an Amen here?!). As with Bryan, for me, it wasn’t always easy. Yet, when you let your emotional guard down, people can connect with the real you.
5. This one is also near and dear to my heart: trust your gut on how you work and go with it so you can be your best. Bryan talked about not being a scripted person when he did his TED talk. I am not a scripted person, either. I prepare and then I let go so I can be present in the moment in order to relate with audiences.

So many great gems. Listen to the podcast below.

Listen to the Podcast

Your Turn
How do you connect in human ways? Let me know with comments below. I’d love to hear.

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