On February 26th, I had the great fun of chatting with Betabrand‘s Founder and CEO, Chris Lindland, about one of my favorite topics: using humor in marketing. I even let it go without teasing that he was a minute late for the call! I met Chris last year at FunnyBizz in SF. His company is using humor unlike many other organizations. Every day, the company launches new ideas and products with new copy and a story behind the product. From ‘Climb the Ladder’ pants to Disco Hoodies, this company never stops trying and I think that’s a huge part of its success. They are not just a products company; they are an idea and funny copy machine.

Chris Lindland, CEO of Betabrand: humor in marketing

Chris Lindland, CEO of Betabrand

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Highlights from the podcast

Here are some quick podcast highlights:

1. Generate lots ideas. You’ll fail a lot and you’ll succeed more. Even if only 10% work.
2. Engage in ‘What if’ thinking. Allow yourself to go to comic extremes.
3. Don’t dismiss the power of a “stupid idea.” Stupid often works!
4. Hire weirdos and encourage that in the culture. Let employees execute their best ideas.
5. Humor generates earned media and press coverage that paid media dollars usually can’t buy. Humor might even buy love. Take that, Beatles.

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