Happy Fun at Work Day

Fun at Work Day

Fun at Work Day – Playfulness Matters

Today is #havefunatworkday! Play is creative fuel. #playfulness matters. How will you play today in teams or by yourself? Play unleashes our best ideas and that is a powerful force for innovation.

It does something else, too. Play shows us who we are. In low stakes play where rules don’t matter, we see how we react to certain situations. How people handle play gives us insight into who they are, how they think, and how they handle change and ambiguity. If people don’t play well – they¬† have to be “right” – that tells us a lot.

It also means that we can use play to help them learn to let go. If we can have fun in low stakes situations; we can learn to grow into high-stakes ones. How will you play today?! So go play. Einstein called it “the highest form of research.” He was right!

Fun should be every day. It’s strategic and can help build collaboration, greater trust and help generate amazing ideas. On a special #yesandbrandshow, my friend @garyware and I discuss #playatwork! #fun #corporateculture #trust.

How will you play?


Kathy Klotz-Guest is a story and creativity strategist, speaker and author. An improviser and comedian as well as an MBA, MA, Kathy brings interactivity, inspiration and innovation to events, talks, and workshops. Interested in having her speak at your company? Contact Kathy.

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