Podcast and On-Demand Content Trends

Today, I had the great pleasure to talk to my colleague, Peter deVroede, the CTO and Co-Founder of on-demand podcast company, Stitcher. The company currently serves up over 18,000 audio podcasts and shows on-demand.

A confluence of factors – the ubiquity of devices, the accessibility of podcast directories like iTunes, for example, and the ease of publishing – has lead to growth in podcast content and on-demand shows. One of the things Peter and I talked about was that advertising is becomingly far more interested in podcasts and shows as audiences grow.

Podcasting and Content Marketing Strategy

According to the Social Media Examiner: “…even though only 3% of marketers currently use podcasting in their social media marketing … 32% have a desire to learn how to use podcasting in their marketing efforts and 23% have plans to increase their podcasting activities in 2013.”

Challenge of Mobile Content Discovery

One of the challenges that remains is making content discovery of podcast and online radio shows easier on a mobile device – an issue Stitcher is working hard on.

B2B Podcasts: Are we There Yet?

Not yet. There aren’t a lot of B2B or corporate podcasts that seem to have a following. One of the companies we talked about that is using podcasts to add value is Ford. In the next year or so, we may very well more companies adding podcasts to the content and customer service mix.

Peter and I think it’s a great way to reach customers and prospects and add value without talking about products. With a human approach – talking about things your audience cares about other than your products – companies can add tremendous value. Think about the opportunities for customer service information and support!

Are there companies – regardless of size – that are podcasting and doing a great job? Let us know. I can just see my local wine bar right now talking about wines from Tuscany on a podcast. That would be cool.

What podcasts do you listen to?

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