On Feb 12, I had the pleasure of chatting with Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence, one of my favorite marketing books of the last few years. On this podcast, we chat neuromarketing, influence and persuasion and what marketers must do differently.


Neuromarketing with Roger Dooley

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Neuromarketing and Podcast Highlights

Note: Roger uses “neuromarketing” in a very broad context. This podcast focuses not on measurement of neural stimulation (yes, there are companies that do that); rather, it discusses neural nudges and how to consciously add persuasive elements to marketing.

1. Add conscious and subconscious neural nudges to marketing can make a difference – in the way you price, in the way you package content and in the messaging that connects with your audience.

2. Be sure to test different approaches with your audience to see which campaigns will work best.

3. Small changes can have big effects. Roger referenced the new book by Robert Cialdini, The Small Big.

Enough Talk: Listen to the Podcast!

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How do you influence and persuade customers? What are your thoughts on Neuromarketing? Let us know in the comments!

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