On March 10, I had the great fun of hosting and participating in a blab on Nonprofit Storytelling: How to tell a Powerful Nonprofit Story. In this conversation, I spoke with Karen Dietz and Jim Signorelli about creating compelling story stories.

Nonprofit Storytelling

Creating a Story Mosaic

Nonprofit Storytelling Highlights

Some of the key points discussed:

1. Nonprofit storytelling is a mosaic of constituent stories – we have to be mindful how we tell them to advance the larger narrative.

2. We need to tell donor stories because these are powerful advocates.

3. Beyond donations, we need stories to create and advance advocacy from constituents, donors, staff. Advocacy is as important as donations.

4. Nonprofit storytelling also means sharing staff and employee stories.

5. We need to emphasize partner stories that elevate the larger issues so that all nonprofits working in that space can benefit.

For more insights, watch the video.

Nonprofit Storytelling (Blab Video)

What are your best nonprofit storytelling tips? Let me know.

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