Scary Things Bosses Say

Scary Things Bosses Say

Boring content, bad storytelling and poor leadership are all scary.

In time for Halloween, here are a few scary things bosses say (and true leaders don’t) to employees. We’ve all hear crazy, scary things.

If you hear these scary things bosses say, don’t walk. RUN! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

“Go off and Innovate.”  What does that even mean? It has no detail. “Sure, boss, I will get right on it. H/T to Josh Bernoff for saying it. I’ve had this said to me by bosses. Nothing gets results like lack of clarity.

“Do you want MY job?” My response, “Well if it involved being an arrogant and insecure person, than no. I actually just want you to let me do mine.”

“I’m headed out, and I need you to work late tonight.” My response: What? Why? How? Who? Why am I here?

“Thanks for the idea. I’m stealing that.” My response: That means no credit.

“We’re going to have to work harder.” My response: What’s this “we?”


Scary Things Bosses Say

Source: (Thomas Roberts)

“Be better.” Again, another nebulous edict. What does that even mean? Sure, and while I am at it, I’ll try to capture air in a bottle.

“I’m just towing the bottom line.” Hiding behind the corporate veil is bad; using air quotes while saying it is really bad.”

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