Story of Teams: Storytelling and Employee Engagement

#storytelling drives everything and it’s time for companies to challenge the #story behind why #employeeengagement fails.


Storytelling and Employee Engagement

Employees Don’t Trust

Employee engagement is all the rage…and most programs fail.  Why? Research tells us that once employees are paid at parity and perceive fairness, then money is not a motivator. It’s not a lasting motivator. Yes, people want meaningful work and they want to make a contribution.

The biggest thing people want according to research I and a colleague are conducting: they want to be themselves at work and they don’t trust the company to embrace that. That’s huge.

It means: 1. We’re focused on some of the wrong incentives

2. When people don’t feel valued as individuals, they don’t give their best for #innovation

3. How can be #collaboration and teams be the best they can be, when people don’t feel valued individually? It’s time to change the #storytelling on teams. What we reward, what drives people and how people can work better together. Values teams starts with valuing people. Let’s change that narrative together.

What do you think?

What’s the story about #innovation and #engagement you’d like to change?


Kathy Klotz-Guest is a story and creativity strategist, speaker and author. An improviser and comedian as well as an MBA, MA, Kathy brings interactivity, inspiration and innovation to events, talks, and workshops. Interested in having her speak at your company? Contact Kathy.

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