Simplifying Complex Concepts: The Power of Visual Storytelling with Comics

I love this article about how a student turned her PhD work in science into a comic book for people who might not otherwise care.

Visual Storytelling with Comics

Power of Visual Storytelling, Source:

It never says “visual storytelling” in the piece – that is exactly what this is. A science student was asked by her thesis advisor, “How would you explain science to someone who doesn’t know science?” This student answered the call artistically by creating a comic book. It worked well, and she raised the money to produce it with a Kickstarter campaign. Here is why I love her idea so much – it gets to the heart of what great storytelling is. Great storytelling simplifies the complex by turning it into a visceral story people “get.” Every organization should ask itself the following question that prompted this student to come with her visual story: “How would you explain your business to someone who doesn’t know your business?” If all branding, marketing and storytelling practitioners would ask that question, we’d all be better off. So here’s to better (visual) storytelling for all.

Your Turn

How do you simplify complexity? Do you use cartoons, comics or comic books? I would love to know. Leave me a comment!

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