On April 9th, I had the pleasure of chatting with fellow human marketer, Bryan Kramer, from Pure Matter and author of H2H on my podcast about a topic we both are passionate about: why people share content. I heard him speak on this topic at Social Media Marketing World in March in San Diego: #SMMW15.

Bryan Kramer and Kathy Klotz-Guest

Bryan and Kathy at SMMW15


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This is the subject of his upcoming book,  Shareology. Even though I didn’t name my podcast that (just this episode so we could frame the discussion), he and I still have lots in common! He lives in my town of San Jose, and we’re both passionate advocates of humanizing business.


Why People Share Content: Shareology Podcast Chat with Bryan Kramer

Why People Share Content: Shareology Podcast Chat with Bryan Kramer

Why People Share Content

This is such a big topic; however, I love that we can distill this to some key things.  First, Bryan and I chatted about three elements that are key to a human brand:

  • Simple (huge these days in a world of growing complexity);
  • Imperfect (Amen! To be human is to make mistakes – and own them);
  • Be Empathetic (displaying empathy for your customers at every step)

It’s hard to do all of these well. I do think this will be increasingly important as a way to stand out. Bryan and I both think Amazon and Virgin America do a pretty good job here. In a complex world, it is hard to be consistently human.

We talked about why people share content – there are six types of sharers (some of this comes from The New York Times). Among those types are: Altruists and Careerists to name two. (The podcast has the full scoop)!

Altruists really are about helping people and Careerists are cognizant of mobility and reputation, and how sharing information facilitates their career growth.


The Rise of Personal Branding and Sharing

People are personal brands and we chatted about how what we share reflects on who we are and what we value: it helps to reinforce who we are as brands.


Listen to the Podcast!

Enough talk, right? Listen to the podcast. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


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