Marketing with a Purpose Means Knowing Your ‘Why’

I've written a lot about knowing your core purpose and telling that story in marketing. It's your most important one. And I've had a number of conversations recently on this exact topic. So the blog post below is an updated version of the original piece I wrote about 1.5 years ago: Great Marketing Answers the "Why." Enjoy. Leaders Sell Ideas and Hope Leaders sell ideas, inspiration and hope, not services. [...]

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Create a Marketing Movement from the Inside Out

I’ve always joked that marketing is a not missionary position! There is truth in comedy. Marketing is about preaching to the already converted. Your job is to attract people who believe what you believe. Too many businesses focus resources on marketing individual products and services. While that is certainly important to a degree, products will change over time. By contrast, movements – commitments to unwavering beliefs and values – have [...]

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Today’s Executive Communicators Must Be The Company ‘Purpose Keepers’

A new era of executive communications is here, thankfully. Move over sound bite-spewing CEOS. Fragmented media compete for increasingly divided customer attention. The decline of trust in corporations combined with the increasing volume and complexity of information have left audiences with a glut of ‘data’ and, yet, a paucity of meaning. And factor in customer demographic shifts (‘Millennials’ anyone?), and social media’s demands for transparency. People don’t want more facts. [...]

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Great Marketing Answers the “Why”

Leaders sell ideas and inspiration, not services. They are adept at answering “the Why” – why they do what they do. It is a fundamental human question. People often buy products and services based on a feeling of connection rather than on some objective, decision-making criteria. Yep. Humans are rarely completely rational, as Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational, posits in his work. Yet, that’s exactly how most marketing approaches [...]

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