My Favorite Marketing Podcasts

I started my podcasts series with a tongue-in-cheek title just over 1.5 years ago.

Jargonorrhea Live!

Kathy Klotz-Guest on

The idea was to have fun with great guests where we could discuss marketing in a human way without the talking head, self-promotional, jargon-laden nonsense. In that last 18 months, we’ve had some awesome guests give great info, have fun, make us laugh and think. And that’s the point. We were also nominated for a 2013 NMX podcast award. That’s pretty cool.
Here’s to more human marketing!


Below is a roundup of some of my faves since then. Enjoy!

Jargonorrhea Live Podcast – The Best in Human Marketing

1. Tim Washer. He makes me laugh and think. Getting to talk to Tim is a treat. A fellow marketer and comic improviser, he always has interesting things to share and in a way only Tim can do. Be sure to check out my 2012 podcast with Tim.

2. Ann Handley. Ann is one of the best content marketers I know and she has a great sense of humor. She shares her wisdom in a really easy to get way. That’s why she’s great at what she does.

3. Chuck Hester. Chuck and I had some great laughs and shared some great info on how to rock you linkedin profile. The key: you have to think like a storyteller and a visual one at that. My next favorite guest, Ekaterina Walter, would be proud!

4. Ekaterina Walter. The co-author of The Power of Visual Storytelling is chock full of great info and a lot of fun to talk to. If you’re not using visuals to tell your story, you are missing out!

5. Michael Margolis. Michael of is a storyteller’s storyteller. Storytelling is the most important executive communications skill today.

6. Jill Konrath. With her Minnesota accent, she dishes out sage sales advice in a no-BS, refreshingly honest way.

7. Liza Donnelly. A cartoonist and author, Liza is a pro at content marketing – albeit she wouldn’t characterize it that way. Think about it this way: what’s more virally shared than humor? When you learn to think in big a-ha headlines, you connect in a more human way with your audience.

8. Kriti Vichare. My friend, Kriti, is also a cartoonist, an MBA and startup business owner. Her cartoons chronicle entrepreneurial life. If you can’t laugh at it, you shouldn’t be doing it!

9. Susan Emerick Harris. Susan, who built IBM’s blogging program, is a great source of information on how to use employee advocacy to scale the human factor in a large enterprise. In a world of data and analytics, Susan’s tips are about helping to make sure automation adds human value for customers. After all, customers and employees are people!

10. Liz Ryan. Liz is the CEO of She is also an operatic singer by training. She and I got to sing a song together on the podcast. How cool is that? Being human starts inside the company and chatting with Liz was like chatting with my twin!

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