How Starbucks Built a Brand with a Soul

“It’s not what you do; it’s WHY you do it.” - Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz Source: Oprah Winfrey interviewed Howard Schultz recently (December 8th) on Super Soul Sunday about Starbucks, his new book and why building a company with a soul and conscience matters. Your Purpose is Always Bigger Than Your Product Behind every great brand, there is a soul - a set of values and beliefs [...]

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Telling Your Most Important Business Stories – My Chat with Michael Margolis of Get Storied

I had the great fun of being able to talk to Michael Margolis of about storytelling on the December 5th podcast. He’s a storyteller’s storyteller. Michael, who does very few interviews (hey, he's the rare storytelling unicorn!), gave us a glimpse of how organizational storytelling has evolved. Michael Margolis Telling Your Business Story You must tell a compelling story about your brand, your business and yourself in [...]

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Naked Storytelling for Entrepreneurs – Vulnerability Strengthens Purpose and Differentiation

As a storyteller and marketer, I’m constantly talking about the power of sharing your story. I meet lots of entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their vision – sometimes in a disruptive way with technology, and sometimes in more subtle ways with a human touch. As with any company regardless of size, your purpose story is an important part of your differentiation in the world. It is important to [...]

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Connect “Like a Boss” – 9 Secrets of Master Communicators and The World’s Best Brands, Part II/II

This post is Part II of II. Read Part I. Always keep people at the center of your focus. This demonstrates empathy and empathy matters. Imagine you sell to executives, and you know they are worried about cash flow, their own reputations, and their own personal risk. What is more effective – talking about the data (for example, we’ll increase your cash flow by 35%), or appealing to their financial [...]

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Connect “Like a Boss” – 9 Secrets of Master Communicators and The World’s Best Brands, Part I

Keep Communications Human in a World of Partial Attention. It Starts with Connecting. What does it mean to "Keep it Human" in the way you communicate? Great leaders and brands don't communicate; they connect. They make it look easy and, in a world, of too much noise competing for partial, fragmented attention, great communicators cut through the noise. How can you be a more human, powerful and effective communicator? What [...]

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Podcast: Customer Delight in a Social World – a Chat with CustomerThink CEO Bob Thompson

I had the pleasure of chatting with my colleague, Bob Thompson, on my July 25th podcast! What a great show. One of the biggest points that we chatted about was that it often takes so little to delight the customer – it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money for the company; yet it adds incremental value for the customer. Secondly, the human factor matters and it has to [...]

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Great Companies Aren’t Just Storytellers: They Act on the Company Story to Drive Results

Business Storytelling vs. Storydoing In his recent HBR article, Ty Montague calls great companies 'storydoing' organizations. The premise: great companies are story doers, not just storytellers. Specifically, this means they take action on stories, and run efficiently and more profitably as a result. Montague has also written a book, True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business. A Purposeful Company Story Aligns Resources The model used [...]

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Podcast: When Bad Messaging Happens to Good Business – Signs and Fixes

Sometimes Bad Messaging Happens to Good Businesses! On Thursday, July 11th, I talked about the signs - and fixes - for bad messaging. How do you know if you're off? The reality is most people won't tell you that your messaging sucks. Clarity is your burden; not your prospect's. I discuss some of the signs that your messaging needs help and what you can do to fix it! Enjoy. Until [...]

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Leapfrogging Your Brand – Why it Matters

I had the great pleasure of chatting with my friend and fellow marketing colleague, Jennifer LeBlanc, on Thursday, May 9th about leapfrogging your brand. Your brand is an asset and one we don't give as much attention to these days - we're too busy being buried in tactical busy-ness. It's time to elevate the discussion, chat about brand strategy and how to leapfrog with grace and ease! You can listen [...]

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Marketing with a Purpose Means Knowing Your ‘Why’

I've written a lot about knowing your core purpose and telling that story in marketing. It's your most important one. And I've had a number of conversations recently on this exact topic. So the blog post below is an updated version of the original piece I wrote about 1.5 years ago: Great Marketing Answers the "Why." Enjoy.   Leaders Sell Ideas and Hope Leaders sell ideas, inspiration and hope, not [...]

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