Turn Jargon-Monoxide into Human Speak – Six Steps

Turn Jargon into Human Speak Source: Wikipedia.org Jargon. It's the worst. We've all heard it, done it and regretted it after. Jargon is more than just lazy; it's marketing air pollution. I call it "Jargon-monoxide poisoning" and it costs you more than you think. Jargon is more than a turn-off to your prospects and customers. It hurts you, and your credibility because it pollutes your message and dilutes [...]

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Marketing Storytelling [Infographic] That Kicks-Ass

Kick-Ass Marketing Storytelling in Five Steps Great marketing is about great storytelling. Stories stick, inspire, and move people to action. So how do you tell a better story? Here is my latest infographic: Five Steps to Kick-ass Storytelling to Bring Out Your (and Your Audience's) Inner Superhero. Marketing Storytelling Infographic There are five steps to better storytelling. And great storytelling should make you and your customers look good. Sometimes you [...]

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Four Ways to Tell a Bigger and Differentiated Company Story

Storytelling is the original social medium and humans are wired for it. As a marketer, storyteller, and improviser, I also believe it's one of the most important, though underutilized, skills for leading today. And it's not just about storytelling externally; it's about rallying your best storytellers inside the company (read: not in the C-suite!) to become vocal, credible champions for your company's message. Marketers today spend so much time on [...]

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Stop Comparing and Start Reframing Your Brand!

Cut the Crap! The "Er" of Comparison Branding Harvard Business Review (HBR) had a great article last week on common mistakes start-ups make in talking about their brands. In that piece, the author explains that start-ups (and other companies) too often rely on comparing themselves to other well-known brands in order to explain their own. It's the "We're like Google, only faster." "We're like Apple, only cheaper and better" comparison. [...]

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Parody: Why Most Brand Videos Suck and What You Can Do About It

Why Most Brand Videos Suck This parody video of a generic ad created by Dissolve.com (and republished by AdWeek.com) cracks me up. Dissolve took stock footage to create the ad based on Kendra Eash’s “This Is a Generic Brand Video” originally published on McSweeney’s. Generic Brand Video How many brand videos does this remind you of, right? This vid features every sin committed by ads all rolled into one awesome [...]

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Power Up Your Content Marketing in 2014 – My Chat with Ann Handley

Kathy Klotz-Guest on blogtalkradio.com   Power Up Your Content Marketing On a special episode of our podcast today, February 11, I had the pleasure of talking to Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs.com, about content marketing. 2014 Content Marketing Trends Content marketing isn't new; however, it has changed a lot over the last few years. Some of the biggest changes: 1. Content marketing is becoming more mature [...]

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When Human Isn’t: The Latest CMO Buzzword

Marketing Human2Human - The Newest 'Old' Idea Sadly, ‘human’ has crossed into jargon-dom. In September 2013, I wrote about the latest CMO marketing buzzword -  ‘human’ - based on Ad Age’s article. More recently, I’ve seen social media posts about human to human (Human2Human) as opposed to B2C and B2B, and I’ve also seen the backlash against them, claiming, ‘Hey, it’s not a new idea. It's just more jargon!’  So [...]

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LinkedIn Storytelling – Rock Your LinkedIn Profile: My Chat with Chuck Hester

I had my friend and colleague, Chuck Hester, on the show January 30th to talk about making your LinkedIn profile useful, more visual, and more human! After all, you and your company are stories. Why Most Profiles Fail Many people take their 2D resume and simply cut and paste into LinkedIn. They are missing so much richness in terms of video, slides, content, ebooks, etc. Today, there are so many [...]

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The Human Story Behind The Technology – Microsoft’s Empowering People Ad

As a marketer who came out of high-tech, I've always believed that marketing is at its best when technology isn't front and center. Technology empowers people. It enables them to live better lives, to connect more fully, to take advantage of opportunities, to bring people closer together, to innovate more freely, you name it. Tell the Human Story Behind the Technology The most important story any technology can tell is [...]

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