Turn Jargon-Monoxide into Human Speak – Six Steps

Turn Jargon into Human Speak Source: Wikipedia.org Jargon. It's the worst. We've all heard it, done it and regretted it after. Jargon is more than just lazy; it's marketing air pollution. I call it "Jargon-monoxide poisoning" and it costs you more than you think. Jargon is [...]

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Marketing Storytelling [Infographic] That Kicks-Ass

Kick-Ass Marketing Storytelling in Five Steps Great marketing is about great storytelling. Stories stick, inspire, and move people to action. So how do you tell a better story? Here is my latest infographic: Five Steps to Kick-ass Storytelling to Bring Out Your (and Your Audience's) Inner Superhero. Marketing [...]

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Four Ways to Tell a Bigger and Differentiated Company Story

Storytelling is the original social medium and humans are wired for it. As a marketer, storyteller, and improviser, I also believe it's one of the most important, though underutilized, skills for leading today. And it's not just about storytelling externally; it's about rallying your best storytellers inside the [...]

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Stop Comparing and Start Reframing Your Brand!

Cut the Crap! The "Er" of Comparison Branding Harvard Business Review (HBR) had a great article last week on common mistakes start-ups make in talking about their brands. In that piece, the author explains that start-ups (and other companies) too often rely on comparing themselves to other well-known [...]

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When Human Isn’t: The Latest CMO Buzzword

Marketing Human2Human - The Newest 'Old' Idea Sadly, ‘human’ has crossed into jargon-dom. In September 2013, I wrote about the latest CMO marketing buzzword -  ‘human’ - based on Ad Age’s article. More recently, I’ve seen social media posts about human to human (Human2Human) as opposed to B2C [...]

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