How Smart People Can Communicate Better

Business Communication: How Smart People Can Communicate Better I had the pleasure of discussing IntellectualSpeak with a few great people including Felicia Slattery and Tamsen Webster on Brian Carter's Podcast. Smart people often rely on 'intellectualspeak' because they know their subject matter so well. It's the classic 'curse [...]

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Cowbell Principle – Podcast

Source: Cowbell Principle - More Cowbell is a Great Thing I had the great pleasure of chatting with the authors of The Cowbell Principle on the podcast November 20th. The book, named after the hilarious SNL Sketch with Will Ferrell, helps entrepreneurs and leaders discover [...]

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B2B Facebook Marketing – Podcast with Brian Carter

On August 28th, I had the pleasure of talking to one of my fave funnymen, Facebook experts and fellow comedy improviser, Brian Carter. We talked about his upcoming co-authored book, The Cowbell Principle (I am not going to him all the credit!), Facebook, how B2B needs to be [...]

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Differentiation: Drop Expected & Focus on Mix

Yes, you are special – just like everyone else! Actually, the truth is you *are* special… is everyone else. Therein lies the rub. But what makes you special in your business rarely comes down to just one thing. It can, certainly. And there are companies that have a [...]

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