Marketing Humor ebook: Lighten Up Your Content!

Marketing Humor ebook - Lighten Up Your Content! and Get Results We all want better content! Well, you're out of reasons to avoid adding humor to your marketing. There are so many great examples and ways to create better marketing with humor. This is why I wrote this marketing humor ebook. Better Content and Storytelling with Humor Want your copy of the ebook? Download it today from Aamzon! [...]

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Funny Business Panel: Comedy in Business Marketing

Funny Business: Comedy in Business Marketing Humor is human. In March, I was fortunate enough to participate in this great funny business panel. I discussed humor in marketing along with great folks including Tim Washer and Brian Carter. Many companies are risk-averse when it comes to using humor. However, there are ways to use humor that are low-risk. Even a little levity goes a long way. [...]

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Video: Think Like an Improviser, Speak Like Your Customer – AINx Talk from the 2012 Applied Improv Network World Conference

View my AINx talk from the 2012 Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) World Conference Think Like an Improviser, Speak Like a Customer Blah, blah, blah, blah. This is what customers hear when we drone on about our methods. Every industry has its insider language; yet, customers should not be on the outside of that conversation! Improvisation is no different. Granted we have fun jargon. When we expect customers to learn our [...]

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