When Human Isn’t: The Latest CMO Buzzword

Marketing Human2Human - The Newest 'Old' Idea Sadly, ‘human’ has crossed into jargon-dom. In September 2013, I wrote about the latest CMO marketing buzzword -  ‘human’ - based on Ad Age’s article. More recently, I’ve seen social media posts about human to human (Human2Human) as opposed to B2C and B2B, and I’ve also seen the backlash against them, claiming, ‘Hey, it’s not a new idea. It's just more jargon!’  So [...]

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The Social Enterprise – Lessons on Content, Internal Advocacy and the Human Element From IBM’s Susan Emerick

Content, Profits and Internal (Employee) Advocacy Today I had the pleasure of talking with Susan Emerick from IBM. We chatted about content, employee advocates and to how balance marketing as both art and science. IBM has more internal employee bloggers/champions than any company around. How has IBM been able to scale relationships? It's not just with technology. IBM has grown by being open, decentralizing content creation and trusting (and empowering) [...]

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Marketing Lessons From the Comedy Stage, Part II

This post is part II of II. To read part I, click here. Truth and authenticity. Truth makes compelling comedy. Great comics talk about what they know - the good, bad, and ugly. Hacks try to sell what's popular rather than focus on generating authentic material that is based on who they are. Martin axed all "borrowed" material from his routine, and then became a truly authentic act that resonated [...]

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Marketing Lessons From the Comedy Stage, Part I

Comedy and marketing have much in common. Well, comedy is marketing, really. And some marketing is pretty comical, intentionally or not. Comedy is a priceless education. In addition to 20 years in marketing, my many years in sketch, stand-up and improvisation have provided a number of critical business lessons, especially in the “ballsy” department! I can't put a price on the joy, frustration and lessons I've learned including learning from [...]

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Change The Game and Make Networking More Human

Tired of the typical approach to networking? Hey who isn’t? You go to an event and try to meet people. People are filtering you in or out based on your name tag, and deciding whether you are worth their time (hey, you know the undignified ‘sizing up’ look). Then, we engage in the awkward dance of “what do you do?” and, when people recite a litany of credentials, we feign [...]

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Creating a Core Marketing Story that Matters– It’s Much Bigger Than Your Company

Keeping marketing human means your core story is never about you, your technology, or your products and services. As Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, states, you must think bigger than what you do. In the case of Zappos, Hsieh knows the shoes his company sells are incidental. Hsieh maintains that Zappos delivers “happiness.” That’s a tall order; and yet, by any standard, Zappos has one of the best customer service [...]

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Secrets of Executive Communications Jedi Masters

Executive communications is an area undergoing rapid change. The best communicators have the uncanny ability to connect with their audience on such a visceral level that we hang on every word. They don’t just communicate; they connect. They don’t follow a script – they paint a picture with their words. They are able to adapt, adjust and improvise because they lead with conviction and feeling, sensing the audience’s needs in [...]

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