Why Employees Won’t Innovate – Video #yesandbrand

Why Employees Won't Innovate There are three big reasons why employees won't innovate: trust; lack of a compelling story; and lack of process. I discuss all of those in more detail in this video. To get notified when I go live, sign up here! To see more about innovation: visit this link! Watch the Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5W4fCZNdJs&width=645&height=360

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Five Ways That Improv Ups Your Business Game

(My first version of this post appeared in PureMatter blog).   I am an unabashed humor and improv nerd. And I mean visibly nerdy from space. At 8, the very first presentation I gave to a class that I remember was on Harold Lloyd, Hollywood’s silent film-era comedy stuntman. Oh, and I dressed the part, too.   Source: Gratisography.com    I’ve managed teams in marketing and I’ve been performing comedy [...]

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Improv in Business Communication Leadership (video)

Improv in Business Communication Leadership On June 2nd, Gary Ware and I did our 2nd live stream discussing improv in business and this time we chatted about improv in business Communication (Leadership). A recent #workforce17 conference presentation revealed that 35% of employees would forgo a raise if they could fire their boss. We chat about this leadership gap and how applied improv can help build leadership muscle when it comes [...]

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Improv in Business Customer Service and Crisis Communications (video)

Improv in Business Customer Service Source: etherspeak.com On May 25th, Gary Ware, fellow improviser and marketer, and I chatted about improv in business customer service and crisis communications. We do a few exercises and talk about ways you can say "yes and" to your customers. Want more info on how to use improv in business? Check out my book! Watch the Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNKAHMFnDJA&t=1s&width=645&height=360

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