Now Go Innovate – Corporate Innovation Cartoon

Corporate Innovation Cartoon

Go Innovate!

Far too often, we tell people all the things they shouldn’t do in the workplace.

    1. Don’t rock the boat
    2. Don’t make mistakes
    3. Don’t forget we need 20% return
    4. Don’t try new things
    5. We don’t do it that way here…
    And so much more!

We’re so busy what not to do, that we forget to tell people what they should do. We don’t create psychologically safe workplaces that encourage risk-taking.

Then we say, “Now, go innovate and do it soon!” What does that even mean? Innovation means different things to different people. And we’ve made people feel afraid to take risks at all!

We need to do better.
We can.

Need help? Let me know.


Kathy Klotz-Guest is a story and creativity strategist, speaker and author. An improviser and comedian as well as an MBA, MA, Kathy brings interactivity, energy and innovation to events, talks, and workshops. She’ll have your audience laughing and learning and that’s what it’s all about. Well, *that* and the hokey pokey.

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