Workshops and Facilitation

Abolish Boring! Super-Creative Ideas and Big Results

Whether you need new product/service, storytelling or content ideas, or want to bust boring in marketing or sales, my approach to facilitation is playful (improv-based “yes, and!”), collaborative and helps customers generate lots of innovative ideas for better outcomes.  This is what happens when strategy meets improv!

Popular Workshop and Facilitation Topics Blending Strategy with Applied Improv

  • Brand and Business Storytelling
  • Boring-Busting Marketing, Product and Service Ideas –listen to the webinar
  • Humor and Improv Rules for Marketing
  • Improv Rules for Great Culture
  • Improvisation for Leaders
  • Improvisation for Speakers

Facilitation and Workshop Clients

The United Way of Silicon Valley, Women in Consulting, Delphon, Kaiser Permanente, Stanford University and Stanford Hospital, IBM, Cisco Systems, San Jose State University School of Nursing, DeAnza College, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Society for Human Resources Management, Content Marketing Group to name a few.

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“We generated 5X more ideas for services in one session than with other methods. And the process brought out the group’s best ideas!”

Jennifer Berkley, Women in Consulting

“Kathy’s approach for product professionals is Red Bull for your team’s ability to innovate high-value products.”

Ellen Henson, Marketing Mechanics

“Kathy doesn’t tell you how to do it; she shows you. That’s credibility.”

Jen Davis, Stanford University

“Kathy’s workshop on storytelling was excellent! Her tips, style and subject matter expertise were outstanding. I left with a new tools and ways to approach content. So worth it!”

Carol Piras, Managing Director, Piras Group

“Kathy creates a fun, supportive environment for learning. The games gave us great ideas on how to incorporate more fun into our meetings, into interactions with other organizations, and as a way to innovate new ideas. I only wish we had more time.”

Deepak M., Cisco

“I really enjoyed the break out session where we practiced the storytelling skills learned in the session. Kathy is knowledgeable, fun and innovative. I would definitely recommend her to colleagues.”

Nancy W, IBM

“Kathy provided our organization with a workshop on Storytelling and I highly recommend it to others. Kathy gave our staff important frameworks and “tools we can use” to tell our story better. And you did it with clarity and humor. We were fortunate to have her with us!”

Larry Olmstead, Vice President Organizational Development, United Way Silicon Valley

“From communications to adding customer service value and innovating new product and services with existing assets – our sales team gleaned a lot of great info and she brought out the funny in our people. Kathy makes laughing and learning a collaborative effort with great, practical ideas that are easy to implement after the workshop, and that make a difference. Thanks for a great day!”

J. Beachman, CEO Delphon