Why a Culture of Experimentation Matters and How to Think About it

Experiments fuel innovation, employee development and organizational knowledge. Why Now? It's a great time to create a culture of experimentation precisely because of what's happening today. People want to bring their creativity to work. And it's an innovation imperative. If we're not nurturing employees' creativity, we're compromising their development and missing out on potentially transformational insights that move creative leadership efforts, products and revenues forward.   Employees Want [...]

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69 Marketing Predictions for 2016

69 Marketing Predictions for 2016 My friend and colleague, Bryan Kramer of Purematter compiled his list of 69 marketing predictions for 2016. I was honored to contribute alongside some really smart people I follow, know, and chat with. To see the predictions and where to double-down on your marketing efforts, check out the post! It's got some great advice. Here's to your marketing success in 2016. What are [...]

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My Story: An Evolving Humanifesto

My Story: From Wasting Away in BS-laden, Jargonitaville to Keeping it Human I was a “get-it-done” executive working in Corporate America – in Silicon Valley (if you’ve seen the HBO show, much of the depictions are comically true!). I had a high-powered job creating marketing that even I did not want to read, although management insisted. “We have game-changing, breakthrough technology that is shifting paradigms, and reframing KPIs….” If *I* [...]

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