Why a Culture of Experimentation Matters and How to Think About it

Experiments fuel innovation, employee development and organizational knowledge. Why Now? It's a great time to create a culture of experimentation precisely because of what's happening today. People want to bring their creativity to work. And it's an innovation imperative. If we're not nurturing employees' creativity, we're [...]

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69 Marketing Predictions for 2016

69 Marketing Predictions for 2016 My friend and colleague, Bryan Kramer of Purematter compiled his list of 69 marketing predictions for 2016. I was honored to contribute alongside some really smart people I follow, know, and chat with. To see the predictions and where to double-down [...]

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My Story: An Evolving Humanifesto

My Story: From Wasting Away in BS-laden, Jargonitaville to Keeping it Human I was a “get-it-done” executive working in Corporate America – in Silicon Valley (if you’ve seen the HBO show, much of the depictions are comically true!). I had a high-powered job creating marketing that even I [...]

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