Your Team Is An Improv Group

Your Team Is An Improv Group   Your team IS an improv group. Collaboration Is What High-Performing Teams Do   Every team in a business setting is an improv group. I don't care what kind of business you are in or work for - every business [...]

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Less Serious Does Not Mean Less Professional

Let's talk about a serious issue... Less serious does not mean less professional.   Being less serious. THE false narrative many buy into, "Less serious means less professional." "I won't be taken SERIOUSLY."  I DISAGREE. LOOK. I get it. I led global communications and marketing teams in tech [...]

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Corporate Innovation Cartoon: Now Go Innovate!

Now Go Innovate - Corporate Innovation Cartoon Go Innovate! Far too often, we tell people all the things they shouldn't do in the workplace. 1. Don't rock the boat 2. Don't make mistakes 3. Don't forget we need 20% return 4. Don't try new things 5. [...]

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Paying Women Speakers Equally – Humor

I created this chart just before Equal Pay Day... Just in case...if you know people that are confused, you can use this Flowchart for reference to help answer the question of paying women speakers equally. Hint: it shouldn't be a question or issue. Paying Women Speakers Equally Do [...]

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