National Fun at Work Day… A Guide for Leaders Like You to Create, Ideate and Play with Remote Teams

Friday the 29th is National Fun at Work Day!   Some people think play is frivolous.   It isn't. And it's time to change the narrative on play.   Play is good for our mental well-being, happiness and for #innovation in #marketing, #products, across the company and your life. It's how you play and whether teams feel #Psychologicalsafety while doing it that matters. Leaders play. They encourage it in others. They take what they do seriously and [...]

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Narrative Strategy: Conflict Powers Incredible Storytelling

Anger is Story and Innovative Fuel: Why Conflict Powers Incredible Storytelling I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs recently about storytelling and conflict. Being an entrepreneur is hard - just like being an executive in a big company: both can be isolating. Many of these entrepreneurs expressed frustration, rejection and anger as well as passion and excitement. We all do. That is totally normal. Congrats - your human card is [...]

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Why Employees Won’t Innovate – Video #yesandbrand

Why Employees Won't Innovate There are three big reasons why employees won't innovate: trust; lack of a compelling story; and lack of process. I discuss all of those in more detail in this video. To get notified when I go live, sign up here! To see more about innovation: visit this link! Watch the Video

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Creativity in Business: How to Find Inspiration and Reduce Risk #yesandbrand show

Creativity in Business In this episode of #yesandbrand, my FB #livestream, I chat about creativity in business with my guest, Carla Johnson. Creativity is critical for business - for innovation and differentiation. So why do businesses get stuck, how can they get unstuck and how do we move forward? And how can teams think about bringing ideas to fruition in ways that reduce risk? We discuss all of that  and [...]

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Embrace the Suck that Comes with Creativity (video)

First, Embrace the Suck. Then Pull Out of It. Embrace the Suck. Dealing with the creative ups and downs is hard. Really hard. Sometimes we feel uncertain and uncomfortable because creativity can be messy - it gets harder before it gets better. I call this period of discomfort and unease the creative suck and it's time we embrace the Creative Suck. It's also incredibly normal to have highs and lows [...]

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How to Generate Awesome Ideas for Content, Marketing, Products

Using Improv to Generate Awesome New Content, Marketing and Product Ideas Join me for this Blab on December 2nd where we will be innovating new ideas LIVE! It's hard to stand out in a noisy world. To do that you need to think differently. We know improv can help generate new insights and ideas on marketing, product innovation and content. We've innovated lots of new ideas using improv before. Check [...]

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Changing Your Corporate Culture Means Changing Your Stories

Note: This is an updated post from last year. The stories employees and executives tell internally are leading indicators of organizational health and marketplace effectiveness – more so than the marketing stories we tell externally. There is no sound wall between external and internal worlds. That means before companies focus on customers and external marketing, they need to focus on employees, values and internal stories – all the things that [...]

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Improvisation in Business: Better Co-Creation and Brainstorming, Part II

The right brain likes to invert assumptions and examine “what if” scenarios. Creative techniques such as SCAMPER, for example, start by suspending assumptions about products and what people need in order to see new things. And, by rearranging and modifying existing products, we can create new breakthrough ideas. The optimal scenario is integrated thinking that uses both left and right brain thinking, of course. We're not advocating supplanting left-brain thinking [...]

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Improvisation in Business: Better Co-Creation and Brainstorming, Part I

Note: this is an adaptation of a prior post from 2012. Improvisation in Business Improvisation is the ultimate, adaptable “social” model of co-creation. Based on right brain techniques improvisation for idea generation is becoming more common within the enterprise. It's an idea whose time has come as co-created ideas, products, processes, business models, and processes for example often lead to better business outcomes. By improvisation, we don‟t mean comedy or [...]

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Applying Improvisation to Improve Agility and Innovation – My Chat with Kat Koppett

On December 12th, I had a great chat with Kat Koppett. Kat is a fellow improviser-in-chief who also applies concepts from stage improvisation to the needs of business to improve performance. This means accepting others ideas and adding onto them (vs. denying them) in order to create new ideas and new ways of thinking about existing issues/products/ideas/processes/etc. Innovation and The Power of Improvisation Innovation is not always about resources; it's [...]

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