Your Team Is An Improv Group

Your Team Is An Improv Group   Your team IS an improv group. Collaboration Is What High-Performing Teams Do   Every team in a business setting is an improv group. I don't care what kind of business you are in or work for - every business [...]

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Narrative Strategy: Conflict Powers Incredible Storytelling

Anger is Story and Innovative Fuel: Why Conflict Powers Incredible Storytelling I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs recently about storytelling and conflict. Being an entrepreneur is hard - just like being an executive in a big company: both can be isolating. Many of these entrepreneurs expressed frustration, [...]

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Embrace the Suck that Comes with Creativity (video)

First, Embrace the Suck. Then Pull Out of It. Embrace the Suck. Dealing with the creative ups and downs is hard. Really hard. Sometimes we feel uncertain and uncomfortable because creativity can be messy - it gets harder before it gets better. I call this period of discomfort [...]

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Changing Your Corporate Culture Means Changing Your Stories

Note: This is an updated post from last year. The stories employees and executives tell internally are leading indicators of organizational health and marketplace effectiveness – more so than the marketing stories we tell externally. There is no sound wall between external and internal worlds. That means before [...]

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