Want More Innovation? Start with Your Business Culture

Innovation and Culture On Thursday, June 13th, I had the pleasure of talking to my friend and colleague, Mary Beth Deans, about the importance of business culture in innovation. We're obsessed with innovation today. Yes, we need to innovate products, business models, experiences to stay relevant. Why aren't companies talking about innovation in corporate culture? It's time. It has been said: culture eats strategy for lunch (and dinner too!).If your [...]

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Podcast: A ‘Customer Experience Design’ Chat with Mike Harding, Co-Founder of Re.Vu and Oddyssea

Hello all! On Thursday, April 11th, I had a fantastic and fun chat with my colleague, Mike Harding. I saw Mike present his ideas on design and product creation for the first time at Product Camp Silicon Valley 2012, and I knew we shared a common approach to the topic - it's always about the human experience. What do businesses need to understand about creating better customer experiences? How do [...]

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Yes, and…5 Ways That Improvisation Can Make You a Kick-Ass Marketer

I am a marketer. I am also an improviser. That means I am also a storyteller. Like improvisation, all great marketing is ultimately storytelling.   Before I threw myself (slightly kicking and screaming) into improvisation, I did sketch comedy and stand-up. Few things will help you stretch your comfort zone (read: scare the pants off you!) like comedy and improvisation (Think: Whose Line is it Anyway?). Improvisation is a storyteller’s [...]

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Human-Centered Design: Where are the Product Storytellers Today?

Great marketing IS storytelling, and it is the essence of connecting with your audience. So why aren’t there more storytellers in product – especially in high-tech?   Many companies gather customer requirements, build in a few of the most important needs, create a prototype, and collect beta-test feedback. Then, after fixing a few things, marketing creates “messages” to promote the product to customers. Far too often, storytelling begins after the [...]

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Creating Awesome Products and Services, Part II: Interview with Innovator Mike Harding

KKG (Kathy Klotz-Guest): Other than Apple, when we look at Silicon Valley - who is creating really innovative products? MH (Mike Harding): I would say Nest Labs. Tony Fadell, the founder, created the iPod. He came up with a non-obvious answer to a problem people didn’t know they had. Almost 50% of energy in homes goes to cooling; he wanted to apply technology to the problem to reduce energy consumption. [...]

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Creating Awesome Products and Services: Part I, Interview with Mike Harding

I recently chatted with Mike Harding, innovator and developer, about creating awesome new products and services. I met Mike when we both presented product and service innovation sessions at The 2012 Silicon Valley Product Camp at eBay in March. He has worked with numerous startups ranging from fruit and produce wholesaling to Java application servers. Mike worked to bring software and developers into the networking world at Juniper Networks. His [...]

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Innovation, “Humanness,” and Culture Stewardship – An Interview with “The New How” Author, Nilofer Merchant (Part II of II)

KKG: You and I both agree culture eats strategy for breakfast. AMEN! What’s the “breakfast of champions” that culture must have to thrive? Put another way, if there were two elements that created culture “oxygen,” what would they be? They would be Questions and Curiosity. Most problems left unsolved in today's organization are not broken because people are stupid; they are broken because not everyone has the same picture of [...]

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