Fun at Work Day: Innovation and Playfulness

Happy Fun at Work Day Fun at Work Day - Playfulness Matters Today is #havefunatworkday! Play is creative fuel. #playfulness matters. How will you play today in teams or by yourself? Play unleashes our best ideas and that is a powerful force for innovation. It does something else, too. Play shows us who we are. In low stakes play where rules don't matter, we see how we react [...]

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Livestreaming Video Predictions for 2018

Livesteaming Video Predictions One of my favorite people on the planet, Ross Brand, invited me to share my thoughts about 2018 by providing my livestreaming video predictions. Along with an amazing group of livestreamers who all add something unique to the mix, I added my prediction for 2018. 91 Livestreaming and Digital Media Predictions for 2018 Digital Media and Livestreaming Video Predictions for 2018 Click here to see [...]

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Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Tell a Powerful Nonprofit Story

On March 10, I had the great fun of hosting and participating in a blab on Nonprofit Storytelling: How to tell a Powerful Nonprofit Story. In this conversation, I spoke with Karen Dietz and Jim Signorelli about creating compelling story stories. Creating a Story Mosaic Nonprofit Storytelling Highlights Some of the key points discussed: 1. Nonprofit storytelling is a mosaic of constituent stories - we have to be [...]

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Conflict in Business Storytelling (Video)

How to Deal with It... On Thursday, December 17th, I had a blast on a blab where storytellers, marketers and others discussed a really big topic in business today: Dealing with conflict business storytelling. Art of Storytelling in Business: How-to Vulnerability Too many businesses shy away from dealing with conflict because they perceive talking about challenges as risky, signs of weakness, vulnerability and they worry about potential liability. [...]

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Storytelling Techniques and Big Data: Video

Keeping it Human's Improv and Innovation Cafe' Improv & Innovation Cafe: Techniques for Better Marketing In this video hangout series, I talk about applying improvisation to marketing, storytelling, communications, and content as well as product innovation. Mike Bonifer of bigSTORY: Storytelling Techniques and Big Data In episode 3, I chat with Mike Bonifer about applying improvisation to Storytelling techniques and big data. "There isn't enough pants to hold [...]

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Just One Tip: Expert Ideas on How to Add Humor to Your Speaking

How to Add Humor to Your Speaking I was asked recently at an event to provide just one tip that helps me use humor in my speaking. I thought, “what a great question.” Speaking of funny....! As a storyteller and comic improviser, I deeply believe (and have written a lot about - yep I'm passionate about it!) in humor in business, marketing and communications. If you are reading my blog, [...]

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Content Voice: What a Fun Country Song Can Teach Business

Content Voice Lessons from 'Girl in a Country Song' I am not a country music fan. Oh sure, there is the occasional song that makes me laugh, smile and sing along. I am, however, a fan of Tae and Maddie, a new blonde country duo that penned "Girl in a Country Song." And I think the song offers some invaluable lessons for businesses on finding your content voice. Content [...]

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Parody: Why Most Brand Videos Suck and What You Can Do About It

Why Most Brand Videos Suck This parody video of a generic ad created by (and republished by cracks me up. Dissolve took stock footage to create the ad based on Kendra Eash’s “This Is a Generic Brand Video” originally published on McSweeney’s. Generic Brand Video How many brand videos does this remind you of, right? This vid features every sin committed by ads all rolled into one awesome [...]

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Video: Think Like an Improviser, Speak Like Your Customer – AINx Talk from the 2012 Applied Improv Network World Conference

View my AINx talk from the 2012 Applied Improvisation Network (AIN) World Conference Think Like an Improviser, Speak Like a Customer Blah, blah, blah, blah. This is what customers hear when we drone on about our methods. Every industry has its insider language; yet, customers should not be on the outside of that conversation! Improvisation is no different. Granted we have fun jargon. When we expect customers to learn our [...]

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Can You Explain Your ‘Big Data’ Tech to Kids? Here’s Why You Should Try

We all know there is way too much jargon in tech. I make it my mission to fight it. It's pervasive. Jargon, like a virus, multiplies. Jargon hurts your business. There is just too much noise out there; and if I can't 'get' what you do, I'll move on. Venture Beat Magazine had a great feature where they brought together a panel of smart middle-school kids and tech execs. And [...]

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