Successful Product Videos Aren’t About Products

Think Un-Product I was waiting to see the movie, “Lincoln,” last weekend when the this “trailer” played in the theater. “Oh no,” I thought, another cliché movie about finding love and missed connections, literally and metaphorically – as love between two bloggers blossoms as a result of a [...]

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Key to Great Video: A Human Connection

Just yesterday, I saw this video for the first time - a video of a young gay solider coming out live on the phone to his dad on the day "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was repealed. Since then, I have seen it several times. Since its posting yesterday, [...]

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What’s Your Video Story?

We had a great workshop in Santa Clara where we helped attendees define their video marketing story! Hear from two of our attendees on what they learned and how it made a difference to them! Lynn Hunsaker, President of ClearAction Greg Holsen, Founder of ManagedForce Visit Your Video [...]

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Every Company is A Storytelling Company

EC=SC (Every Company Must be a Storytelling Company) Tom Foremski maintains that every company today must be a media company. I believe that to be true, but I also think it’s more fundamental than that. Every company must be good at telling stories in the world of new [...]

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How Credit Unions Can Engage with Humor

By infusing social media with humor and changing the way they think about business, credit unions can establish a critical generational bridge to market more effectively to Millennials. This article appeared in The June 2011 edition of Connection Magazine, published by the Credit Union Association of New York. [...]

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