Successful Product Videos Aren’t About Products

Think Un-Product I was waiting to see the movie, “Lincoln,” last weekend when the this “trailer” played in the theater. “Oh no,” I thought, another cliché movie about finding love and missed connections, literally and metaphorically – as love between two bloggers blossoms as a result of a chance encounter at an airport. The fabulous surprise ending revealed it was not another ad for a cheesy romantic comedy (thankfully!); rather, [...]

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Got Digital Marketing Muscle? Shore Up Your Business Video Storytelling with Ten Practices

Over the past few years, in addition to doing a lot of storytelling for video, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing digital marketers from Cisco, Ford, IBM, Goodwill Industries International and NetApp among other companies that are innovating successfully with video. While, of course, there is no home-run “formula” (except for cute kids and keyboard-playing cats!), there are ten practices successful companies use that can improve your video storytelling outcomes. [...]

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Key to Great Video: A Human Connection

Just yesterday, I saw this video for the first time - a video of a young gay solider coming out live on the phone to his dad on the day "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was repealed. Since then, I have seen it several times. Since its posting yesterday, it has been seen 1.8 million times. In one day. This video was emotional, moving and wonderful for a lot of reasons. [...]

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What’s Your Video Story?

We had a great workshop in Santa Clara where we helped attendees define their video marketing story! Hear from two of our attendees on what they learned and how it made a difference to them! Lynn Hunsaker, President of ClearAction Greg Holsen, Founder of ManagedForce Visit Your Video Story for more information where we'll post info on our next scheduled workshop. Stay tuned!

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Every Company is A Storytelling Company

EC=SC (Every Company Must be a Storytelling Company) Tom Foremski maintains that every company today must be a media company. I believe that to be true, but I also think it’s more fundamental than that. Every company must be good at telling stories in the world of new media. If content is king, stories are queen. We know who wields the power! All great marketing requires great storytelling. The best [...]

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How Credit Unions Can Engage with Humor

By infusing social media with humor and changing the way they think about business, credit unions can establish a critical generational bridge to market more effectively to Millennials. This article appeared in The June 2011 edition of Connection Magazine, published by the Credit Union Association of New York. Enjoy! Click to view article

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