Storytelling Leadership (video)

Executive Storytelling Leadership Trends and How-Tos As always I had a great time chatting about Executive storytelling leadership with my friends and colleagues, Annette Simmons and Karen Dietz. And we had a great surprise appearance from Jim Signorelli.  We chatted about values, authenticity, and empathy. Where is the [...]

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Save the Children Storytelling Lessons

UK Campaign: Save the Children Storytelling Lessons My friend, lovely human being and fellow storyteller, Park Howell, shared the following campaign from Save the Children with me recently. It's a powerful and touching piece of storytelling:  Save the Children Storytelling Lessons Great storytelling does a number [...]

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How Brands Use Live Streaming Video

My article first ran on Convince and Convert. I am a storytelling and comedy nerd, a marketer, and a comic improviser. I know how important preparing and letting go is. In the same way software nerds rule technology development (I say this with admiration, as I am married [...]

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How to be a More Human Connector: with Bryan Kramer

I had such a great time talking to my friend, Bryan Kramer of Purematter on the show recently. Bryan is an influencer, a down-to-earth nice guy and such a powerful connector. We had fun chatting about how to be a more human connector and the powerful lessons he's [...]

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How smart entrepreneurs communicate big ideas

The Reaction to Data Overload The curse of knowledge happens to all of us. We're so familiar with our expertise that we forget others may not be and that they don't care because they have their own challenges to worry about. IntellectualSpeak - knowing your stuff [...]

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Visual Storytelling with Comics

Simplifying Complex Concepts: The Power of Visual Storytelling with Comics I love this article about how a student turned her PhD work in science into a comic book for people who might not otherwise care. Power of Visual Storytelling, Source: It never says “visual storytelling” [...]

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Comedy in Live-Streaming Video (Vid)

Recently, I had so much hosting a blab with two super smart video people, Tim Washer and Brian Fanzo. Tim knows more about adding humor to b2b video than almost anyone I know and he and I are both humor fans and improvisers as well as marketers. Brian [...]

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Improvisation in Business Storytelling

End of February 2016, I got to chat on a video blab with one of my fave fellow improvisers, Kat Koppett, about improvisation in business storytelling, and how principles of improvisation can help us be better storytellers. In short, storytelling models from improvisation can help shape better stories. [...]

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