How smart entrepreneurs communicate big ideas

The Reaction to Data Overload The curse of knowledge happens to all of us. We're so familiar with our expertise that we forget others may not be and that they don't care because they have their own challenges to worry about. IntellectualSpeak - knowing your stuff [...]

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Visual Storytelling with Comics

Simplifying Complex Concepts: The Power of Visual Storytelling with Comics I love this article about how a student turned her PhD work in science into a comic book for people who might not otherwise care. Power of Visual Storytelling, Source: It never says “visual storytelling” [...]

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Comedy in Live-Streaming Video (Vid)

Recently, I had so much hosting a blab with two super smart video people, Tim Washer and Brian Fanzo. Tim knows more about adding humor to b2b video than almost anyone I know and he and I are both humor fans and improvisers as well as marketers. Brian [...]

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How to Tell Your Brand Story

Every company is trying to tell a better story today about its business. Why? Because storytelling is the best differentiation any of us has! And that story has to include the stories our customers and communities tell; actually, those are the most important stories in any storytelling strategy. [...]

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How to be a better storyteller (video)

One of the things I really love about what I do is that I get to talk to other storytellers - both inside and outside of companies - about trends, key storytelling elements and about important topics such as, "How to be a better storyteller." Follow Kathy on [...]

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Good Storytelling Goes Bad: The Savior Story

Sometimes good storytelling goes bad. It happens. We have great intentions and we mean well. We're passionate and we're on fire, and we want to help people. I get it. I am a passionate person and we should all be so lucky to find that thing that makes [...]

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Seven Ways to Improve Your Business Storytelling

                          Source:   Want to Improve Your Business Storytelling? Here are Seven Ways to Raise Your Game in 2016 I am super passionate about what I do in the world of telling business and marketing stories. If you read my stuff and know me - [...]

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