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Details: Limited to 8 people.

Dates: Saturdays, Sept 9th. 2-4PM PST PM – Nov 4th (Virtual Show date)


Wednesdays, Sept 6th, 6-8 PM PST- Nov 1st (Virtual Show date)

Class and Show Where: Via Zoom. You’ll receive a link after registration

STANDUP FOR YOUR VOICE: Using Comedy To Say What You Mean, Trust Your Voice and Own Your Unique Point of View so You Communicate Powerfully Your Way and Build Your Brave ‘Muscle’

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could develop stories, bits, and my voice so I sound confident and unapologetically like me?”

“I’ve often passed on opportunities to speak publicly, and shied away from telling my own stories, for fear that they were boring or unimportant. The culmination of the Stand Up for Your Voice course was doing a 5-minute stand-up set alongside my peers (which was AWESOME!), but the outcome that really mattered most to me was helping me own and believe in my unique point of view. Kathy was incredibly validating and supportive throughout the process as were the other participants. I’d recommend the course for anyone looking to strengthen their voice, and have lots of laughs along the way.”  -Sarah F.

Do you want to….?

  • Be courageous enough to share your story onstage?
  • Gain a basic comedy understanding to be able to tweak your writing and speaking with more of YOUR natural personality and humor?
  • Hone your voice and use humor without it feeling so scary…?
  • Learn to craft stand-up so you can use it in your work, speaking, stories, elsewhere?
  • Work your brave muscle so you can speak up in ways that are courageous, compelling and be heard across all you do?

Well you can standup for your voice – by applying tools and devices from stand-up to take your story up a notch!

This course isn’t about turning people into comics. It’s Giving You Comedy Tools to Express More of Who You Are

It IS about helping women like you flex their voice and uncover more of their unique point of view through their own writing in a ‘yes and’ supportive environment. And learning to stand-up and speak your voice makes you feel powerful because it is. When you do stand-up, you can do pretty much anything! It expands your comfort zone, works your empathy muscles, and helps you strengthen your voice, your unique lens into the world. Imagine that courage muscle applied to your life!

Designed for professional women leaders LIKE YOU who want to:

  • Uncover and own your voice and big Point of View in the World (POV)… and share it with others
  • Learn comedy basics so you can bring that into your writing
  • Push your comfort zone in a safe space with others who are learning along with you
  • Lean into their own natural style and humor with confidence and courage so they can stand up for their voice in any situation
  • Own your story / stories so you can connect with others in an accessible way that is consistent with who you are

Join me for a course where you will learn basics over 8 weeks (9th week a show), write your 5 to 10-minute set or funny story, get feedback and practice in a SAFE SPACE. A portion of each of the 6 classes will be spent getting feedback on your writing that you do in between classes. We’ll collaborate TOGETHER. You will have to do the work, the writing and be open to fun, fresh insights, laughter and collaborative feedback as we celebrate YOU and your style.

The class will culminate with a private Zoom show where you can invite your friends and family to hear your set on a Saturday.

Are you ready? Let’s do it together!

Individual Investment: $1600. For this price, you will also get a 1-hour individual consult with me personally where we work together so you get what you need

Corporate Investment: The above price is for individuals. If you want me to do a course for your team, contact me directly for corporate team pricing.

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