I love creating fun things from whatever inspires me. My goal is to make a powerful point and make people laugh at the same time. And as a comedian, storyteller and idea creator – I love mashing up things in fun, new ways! Here are some fun things to enjoy and share.

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This little girl is me…

This little girl is me.

She was always laughing and vibrating at a high-frequency.

At school she was told not to laugh so much or too loud. She would later be told this in the workplace by many adults.

Her parents, however, thought differently. Her dad sat down with her and watched The Carol Burnett Show, even later Monty Python when she was older (and mom wasn't around)!

While watching Carol and Vicki Lawrence, her dad said, 'You are funnier than your brothers. That's your sparkle.'

The workplace told her to not be her full self. She was repeatedly told not to be her funny self even though she was doing comedy all the while working in tech (and in storytelling and communications during the day). "You can be funny or be taken seriously," they said. She spent years doing improv, doing stand-up and performing/ writing sketches (even at SC LA). She knew it wasn't true. She knew because her parents told her that her humor was her true nature as was her intelligence. She knew deep down who she was.

Because improv is embracing all of it: "YES AND!"

So she left tech to start her own company to live and laugh more loudly.

Today that big kid helps people unlock more of their own humor at work and in their lives. We have joy and humor in us; it's time to unleash it. We can take our work seriously; we don't have to take ourselves so seriously all the time. In fact that's where we connect MOST. She teaches AND performs, too.

Don't listen to those who say you are "too whatever." That's YOUR gift.

Inspiring Girls International - thank you for creating this amazing campaign to inspire girls who have so much awesome to give the world.

Thanks so much for the kickoff on #thislittlegirlisme and Emma Hudson for covering it and Lavinia Thanapathy for the fabulous question, "How can we inspire young girls to march to the beat of their own drum?"

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Someone sent this to me….

Wait! What?!!!

Grandma: you know these soles from Dr Scholl’s are like walking on air…

Future me: cool, grams, these are like walking on dongs….

Who?! What?! How?!


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Too many of us have been socialized to be this way.

It can be unlearned, too.

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These ladies -my fellow funny ladies! All doing stand-up at Off the Hook last week in Campbell, CA.

With @nicoletrancomedy, @leslielang369, @melanielovesthis

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Do you know?....

Improv + Comedy in the workplace can...
1) Inspire more innovation
2) Build more trust
3) Create a fun, idea-driven working environment
4) Strengthen communication
5) Encourage better marketing (warning humor in marketing can't be better than your culture!)

AND WHY "DON'T BRING ME PROBLEMS, BRING ME SOLUTIONS" is an old-school, tired and misguided #leadership mindset!


Improv and humor aren't just fun (they are)...they engender safety and create more trust that leads to better results.

It's time to bust that old narrative about humor and improv in the workplace

I had a lot of fun on the Supermanagers podcast on these topics and more.

Here my episode below where we talk about this and so much more 👇

Plus, cartoon Kathy is now my new Drivers License pic!!! Hey! lol


If the ballot shoe fits…

Yes, jokes aside, please vote by September 14.

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