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Power and playfulness: Find Your "Pink Spandex" Because It's Part of YOUR Story

Standing in the cashier line at Target is never dull.

I love to people watch.

At this time, in front of me was a man with tattoos all over (including his face) and with nose rings and piercings for days. He wore a tank shirt so everyone could see his piercings and tatts. He was colorful.

Behind me were two women. One of them was wearing pink spandex and she was probably 250 lbs or so.

She said to her friend much more loudly than clearly she realized, "that man with the tattoos...eww! gross!!"

If I heard it (and a few of us in line did), well, it was no surprise that the man with the tattoos in front of me heard it, too.

He turned to the woman and said, "I wear these because they are art. I know people judge me. They make me happy." Then he added, "Some people might say to you that you shouldn't be wearing bright pink spandex because of your weight and call that 'gross'. Not me. You wear those because you like them and I am guessing they make you happy. Same for me with my tattoos. THESE are my pink spandex. I feel wonderful and happy. Have a glorious day, ma'am."


With that people in line smiled and, while the woman in the pink spandex was a bit embarrassed, he didn't humiliate her. This man had found a way to deliver a powerful, unforgettable reminder in a way that was gentle

Mad respect. Turns out his name is David and he has a Master's degree in Computer Science. He left tech to fix bikes and cars and owns a tattoo parlor. I couldn't help but ask him about his life after that.

Anyway, a wonderful reminder that sometimes everyone needs their pink spandex and it's ok.

I hope you find your 'pink spandex.'

Q: What makes you feel powerful and playful and unabashedly you?


If you can't reject others' expectations, you can't own YOUR story.

Most people don't.

They try to fit in.
They never tell their personal stories.
They never say what they stand for.

I WAS a marketer. I led teams for years. I am a storyteller on comedy stages and on business stages.

The thing that made THE difference? OWNING my voice.

I get it. My journey was not easy. As a woman in tech and comedy - I KNOW;-)

In my 20s, I was told to rein it in at work and I was living two totally separate lives - one in comedy and one at work - until I couldn't anymore and comedy and improv helped me find my way back to me.

Fitting in will burn you the F out. My come to Jesus moment: was a bathroom floor real-ness!

Here's a 15-min talk on how to be more YOU. The world needs you to be you. You need you to be you.

Stop compartmentalizing yourself and outsourcing your voice.

Your voice IS there. It's just waiting for you to unpack and reject all the layers added onto you by others telling you who you SHOULD be.

Stop listening to what the world tells you to be. Go inward.

WHY IT MATTERS: Great communicators that change the world SAY what they stand for. If you can't get to a bigger truth, you won't have the impact you hoped.

#storytelling #publicspeaking
#voice #yourstorymatters
#communication #leadership #personalbranding

Thanks, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for sharing this story that I think can help people craft their brand stories!

Wanna see the talk?

How much do we love this guy? Oodles.

Here at SXSW19, the theater was full. Full. Bob said hi to people outside and when he saw I was a featured speaker, comic and improviser, he made sure I got a seat.

Now he did do a joke here that was about ‘metoo’ and people groaned and then he hilariously made fun of himself and that he was learning too. He went on snd did a great long-form with ASSCAT.

Had a ball.

#comedy #sxsw #austin #bobodenkirk #speaking

Self-effacing, funny and We could not ask for more.

6 years ago this week I did my first solo show.

Me, six stories from my life directly to the audience.

I spent 16 years in tech leading marketing and communications teams and I've spent over 2 decades on comedy stages telling stories, performing and teaching.

6 years ago in 2015 I stepped out and did my first solo show in SF.

I thought, 'what if people don't come?'

They did. I was humbled and blown away.

And several nights were packed. I was nervous because I knew I was telling very personal stories from my life: comedy, business, personal, all of it. From the sad and hard to the funny, I created an arc of honesty and optimism.

"What if they don't like it?" I thought. And backstage before I went out (this was on night 2 at StageWerx - the pic - to a packed house. Yes, I had heart palpitations!)

So I honored the intent of the show: to be honest, be me, leave something of me on the floor as we say in performance. I decided if I was going to do it, I was not going to hold back.

Something interesting happened: People lined up to talk to me after the show to tell me that my stories were their stories in so many ways. They saw themselves in those stories.

That's the magic of #storytelling with an intent to connect: we're creating sinews of connection through vulnerability.

I am here to say, when you are vulnerable enough to share your stories with an intent to connect, your audience will rise to meet you.

And if you ever think, "I'd love to do a solo show," do it. Say YES! I promise it will change you for the better.


Happy Sunday!

You have ‘high-standards.’

About everything.
I get it. You want to do a great job.

Is that getting in your own way?

Maybe it’s perfectionism at play. And you ate afraid to make mistakes.

Mistakes are part of learning. Confident people make mistakes.

Yes and an idea you have and get it out there.

Play with it. Get data. Iterate. It does not have to be 100% ready.

It will be ok. Promise.

#improvisation #perfectionism #play #laughatyourself #chooseyou #creativity #learning

Your best self has a playful side.

Way too often, we hide it. Or it sits in the backseat and we only bring it out to certain people.

Because business is "serious."

Yes and... it's also about being human and relatable. I named my business (which I started in 2010) 'Keeping it Human' for a reason.

Leaders have confidence to show that side.

They co-exist. Yes, yes, timing and context matter. However, that's often the excuse people use every time to not show that lighter side.

It's way too important a leadership element to leave home. It's connective tissue. It's empathy, accessibility, self-awareness - and that's what we connect with. Humor and humility are powerful leadership traits that build credibility. And empathy, story and humor are amazing communication tools.

It's time to change the narrative on play and leaders.

True leaders are both - blend the business with the playful human side. Playfulness isn't a backseat driver. It's your co-pilot. It rides shotgun! (btw, we really gotta change that term! lol).

Q: How do you bring your playful side into your leadership style?