I love creating fun things from whatever inspires me. My goal is to make a powerful point and make people laugh at the same time. And as a comedian, storyteller and idea creator – I love mashing up things in fun, new ways! Here are some fun things to enjoy and share.

Want to use these on your site or feed? No problem. Just make sure the citation and attribution to me and to Keeping it Human is visible as it is in the originals.

Got an idea you want me to try? Let me know! Email Kathy.

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A damn icon.

Her life's journey, like so many of ours, was filled with hard things and great things, and I think she is emblematic of resilience.

Talent, hard work, resilience. ALL 3.

And the ability to step into owning that choice of positivity.

And one hell of a performer.

#resilience #brilliance

Had fun at the The Cougars show (@cougarcomedycollective) at @roostertf Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club show on Sunday.

Some amazing ladies bringing the heat. And not just because of hot flashes! RAWR.😂

Great sets by @candyshawcomedy @pguyadeen @lalitadeecomedy and the one and only @karinwbabbitt.

Badasses, all. TY Cougars and Roosters.
Wait? Do Cougars hunt Roosters?! DANG!

#cougarcomedycollective #comedy #womenincomedy #funnywomen #laughter #bayareacomedy #SFcomedy #standupcomedy #roostertfeatherscomedyclub

Also specifics as to where I am next: @kathyguestcomedy


Cougars roll into Sunnyvale's Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club, @roostertf

Doors open at 6:15PM; show starts at 7PM PST.

Catch these funny women ...come for the laughs and time away from the kids!

Consider it a late Mother's Day gift to yourself;-)

Get your tix today!

TY to @roostertf

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@lalitadeecomedy @candyshawcomedy @karinwbabbitt @pguyadeen @cougarcomedycollective @kathyguestcomedy

The gist AND an National Speakers Association invite for May 20th...

💥Successful leaders use humor well; it’s not just icing; it’s the cake in terms of making culture happier, safer and more innovative. It's time to change the STORY💥

Humor is ‘leadership lube!’ (yeah, Kathy-ism).

It's a bigger STORY. And it needs a tiny bit of brand story botox!

Humor is lightheartedness, laughter and playfulness – all of which are hallmarks of effective organizations.

Humor is a celebration of OUR COMMON HUMANITY and IMPERFECTIONS.

Humor isn’t unprofessional; positive humor is how we make work ‘work for humans.’ And we can get there through mindset and skillset – provided by improv training, for example.

Humor helps with's



I’ll be speaking in this topic Saturday at the National Speakers Association/Northern California Chapter Speaker Showcase on

Saturday, May 20th 9am PT on Zoom.

I’ll be one of TEN speakers, each sharing for 8 minutes (WHEW!), so you can get a sampling of a variety of Northern California talent in one place in less than 2 hours. Action packed!

Even if you can't attend, register so you can get the recording.

🎤 Nora Burns is the emcee to see!

The other 9 speakers include: Minette Norman, Larry Pon, Gary McKinsey, Cyril Derreumaux, Elaine Lung, Bonny Llyn, M.A. Melissa Dinwiddie, and Hope Timberlake

Open to all.

***Reg at www dot NSANC dot org***

#MeetingPlanners and #SpeakerBureaus: Be our guest. Simply RSVP to Janice Litvin at JaniceLitvin dot com.

#culture #transformation #productivity #speaker #leadership #humor #laughter #speaker #speaking #keynotespeaker #speakerlife #nsa #NSANC @nsaspeaker @nsanorcal

To all moms, those who lost moms, those with complicated relationships, those who weren't able to be moms, those who chose not to be....and finally to mom friends I know who have lost children and this day is particularly painful.

I SEE YOU. I love you.

AND to all moms, thank you.

To all of you...hugs.

#moms #mothersday #love

Controlled chaos...

That's what change looks like. We want change....we don't want the risk or uncertainty. We fear loss - even if there is upside.

Me too.

I built my business starting before I left tech as an Marketing and Comms exec. And when I left I focused my business on using humor and improv for brilliant, unboring marketing products and comms - and storytelling. That was my last book, "Stop Boring Me!" which made the top 10 humor and business books on Amazon and was named by Inc(dot)com a "CEO must-read."


The last 2 years, I shifted to also work with C-suite Execs, HR and Culture, and women leaders

THAT last one is the focus of my podcast, Seriously Funny: Women, Humor, and Changing the Rules.

I still work with marketing teams.

How? Workshops, Talks, Coaching - Part strategy; part comedian, humorist, improviser.


Because Humor is a value. It is a way to bake fun, play and levity into the cake, not just the icing.

It's foundational. It's Human. And it can transform psychological safety.
When people feel supported, they can do ANYTHING.

Humor and improv-thinking build a net under your people that makes it safer to try and do big things. It's building 'brave' muscles. Courage. That's what it's all about. That and the hokey pokey.

SPEAKING - Healthy Companies and YOU

So this year I am back out there speaking. Speaking about things way bigger than downstream marketing.

Humor changes the story internally about what's possible. Key to healthy culture and healthy YOU (my article below).

IF your marketing team isn't innovating, it's not about them. Look to your culture.

And if your culture doesn't have a lot of organic laughter....don't just walk away; RUN far! Then laugh your head off!

Let's be bolder together.

Change the narrative. I can help you do that and BUILD THAT NET.

So follow me on my journey to go bigger and excuse the redecorating.

Happy Monday!


#culture #leadership #humor #change #improvisation #play #laughter #leadingthroughchange #innovation #health #wellbeing #wellness #psychologicalsafety #keynotespeaker #speakerlife #humorforchange #healthyworkplace #workplace #modernworkplace

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