I love creating fun things from whatever inspires me. My goal is to make a powerful point and make people laugh at the same time. And as a comedian, storyteller and idea creator – I love mashing up things in fun, new ways! Here are some fun things to enjoy and share.

Want to use these on your site or feed? No problem. Just make sure the citation and attribution to me and to Keeping it Human is visible as it is in the originals.

Got an idea you want me to try? Let me know! Email Kathy.

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Intense eyebrow game… move over Sam the Eagle!!!

My course on #linkedin - ‘Leading in the Moment’ is currently free for you to check out!

No prompters for this. We tried. I am an improviser and a stand-up through and through.

Script? For some. Give me a prompt and then back-up.

Link in comments.

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My newest bathroom reading! 😂😂😂😂

Srsly… I did get this for Free. My 2nd fave f-word!


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Join us!

Tomorrow. Yes, it's early. 7:10 AM PST / 10:10 EST.

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I'll have a carafe of coffee in my IV;-)

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Friday night…

It’s date night. Take your partner to Del Valle winery where we have funny women serving up some hot comedy.

Make your Fri the 13th less scary by having date night figured out!

Tix here;

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Of all the things I’ve done in my life and all the titles I’ve had, the most wonderful of them all is being called ‘mom.’

🌍 World’s Best Mom. 😜❤️🙏👍🎊

To all the amazing moms out there who make the world better, we’re all the ‘best Mom.’

Happy 😃 Mother’s Day to all of us. And I miss my mom today and to all of us missing our own moms, I hope her memory brings you joy.

Being a mom is the privilege of a lifetime.


My new baby.

I created what I WANTED to see in the world. Representation matters. I didn't see people like me in tech. I wish I had.

Here's the inaugural episode: my story, why now, why it matters and how comedy saved my life because it saved my well-being.

I spent almost 16 years in tech and went on to lead large marketing and communications teams. I have spent almost 2.5 decades performing and teaching comedy and improvisation.

My story might surprise might even be your story, too. I hope you laugh and smile.

I'll add the second episode next week - my juicy convo with Alessandra Wall, where we talk about humor development in girls.

I hope you like it. It's made with storytelling, honesty, and love.

For all the people who are rediscovering who they are, I hope this speaks to you. Especially to all the amazing women who were told and still are told how to 'show up.' This is especially for you.

Let me know what other topics you would love to hear.

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