I love creating fun things from whatever inspires me. My goal is to make a powerful point and make people laugh at the same time. And as a comedian, storyteller and idea creator – I love mashing up things in fun, new ways! Here are some fun things to enjoy and share.

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Mythbusters time...As Ray Parker, Jr. famously sings, "Busting makes me feel good!"......

What we get wrong about humor and improv in business:

1. "It's theatricality." FACTS; not at all. It's about applying humor and improvisation tools to the every day situations for better outcomes for all. And it makes us better innovators, storytellers and listeners. We can show up differently and make new choices.

2. "YES AND means I have to." FACTS; no. YES AND means we're exploring an idea. We never have to do it and 'yes and' is grounded in integrity. You can say, "Yes, and I hear you and I my experience is this...."

3."It's about being funny and I am not funny." FACTS; nope. Humor and improv are about bringing out your natural fun, storytelling genius and inner playfulness YOUR way. It's not about being funny. Humor is about giving yourself permission to experience joy, playfulness, fun and a levity in showing up. To equate humor = funny is not accurate and sets a very high bar that need not be so high.

Yes, improv WILL make you funnier because it teaches you to get out of your own way. That's an amazing thing.

Humor and improv are mindsets for business. It's about how we SEE, SHOW UP, and SPEAK to connect us to others.

You can shift your #mindset.

Here are 5 ways improvisation can change your life. Link to article below.

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Mammogram time…

Every year I want to apologize for all the times we smushed stuff between glass slides for biology class.


Taking the biological, though fraternal twins for an exam.

They passed….?!


Happy 😃 Thanksgiving…

From my family to yours. ❤️😂👋

Seriously… it’s a day with family, friends, food and much to my dismay, too much football 🏈.

Have a wonderful holiday.

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Why do so many entrepreneurs and corporate execs take improv and stand-up classes? works EVERY business muscle in your body:

-Risk-taking ability
-Rejection and failure resilience
-Ability to connect
-Ability to stand up in the face of fear

These skills build a better YOU at work and life.

This week we celebrate badass #leaders such as #sarablakely who embrace comedy not just to be funnier. That's a bonus. They embrace it to develop their courage muscles.

Interested in working your muscle to be a braver, bolder version of YOU and a better communicator?

Be sure to check out my "Stand-Up for Your Voice" course starting in Dec. RN, that course is for women. Link in comments.

Me? I am an ex-tech VP who spent over 25 years doing comedy (some of that at night and weekends while spending 15 years leading tech teams) - from sketch at Second City and improv at ComedySportz and stand-up across the country...let's build your badass muscle.

(Ask me about the time I performed at The Funny Bone in Kentucky;-) )

I work with corporate teams from Amazon, Cisco and more. I've worked with leaders, startup founders and more to be braver, bolder in amazing ways. It's YOU...transformed.

Let's bring out your inner BOLD so you can be your best YOU. Together in a safe space.

Q: What does your BRAVE YOU feel like?

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Link in bio.

Lady exec is exactly what I call my lady business.

What was it like being a woman in tech for many years?

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It’s time to reframe the story on empathy…

What can improv do for your empathy muscle?


Join me today for my Linkedin Live at 3PM PST where I talk to one of my favorite improv experts, friend and fellow improviser, Jay Sukow (he/him/his) of Today Improv.

We'll laugh and chat about:

-Why improv is linked to empathy
-What you can learn
-Try an activity or two

Join us. The sesh is recorded even if you can't make it so come back and watch!

Link in comments and below:

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