Seven Ways to Improve Your Business Storytelling

                          Source:   Want to Improve Your Business Storytelling? Here are Seven Ways to Raise Your Game in 2016 I am super passionate about what I do in the world of telling business and marketing stories. If you read my stuff and know me - you know I am a storytelling nerd (from the business and improv stages). Proudly! I love that that storytelling is experiencing a [...]

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Successful Storytelling Means Going Bigger Than Your Company

I saw Tony Hsieh speak years ago and he said something I've always believed (and I know many of you agree): "When you think your story is big, think bigger." Mindfulness of Thinking Bigger by In the case of Zappos, the story was never about shoes or things. It was about people and creating the best customer service on the planet. He thought much bigger about the [...]

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Conflict in Business Storytelling (Video)

How to Deal with It... On Thursday, December 17th, I had a blast on a blab where storytellers, marketers and others discussed a really big topic in business today: Dealing with conflict business storytelling. Art of Storytelling in Business: How-to Vulnerability Too many businesses shy away from dealing with conflict because they perceive talking about challenges as risky, signs of weakness, vulnerability and they worry about potential liability. [...]

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69 Marketing Predictions for 2016

69 Marketing Predictions for 2016 My friend and colleague, Bryan Kramer of Purematter compiled his list of 69 marketing predictions for 2016. I was honored to contribute alongside some really smart people I follow, know, and chat with. To see the predictions and where to double-down on your marketing efforts, check out the post! It's got some great advice. Here's to your marketing success in 2016. What are [...]

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Content Marketing Mindfulness

Social Media and Content Marketing Mindfulness Kathy talked to author and social pro, Janet Fouts, about content marketing mindfulness and social media mindfulness. How do we become more mindful? What does it mean? Mindfulness. Pic by You can watch the blab here. What does content marketing mindfulness (including social media) mean to you? I'd love to know in the comments below.

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Human Side of Business Communications – HuffPo Interview 8/15

In August 2015, Kathy was interviewed by the Huffington Post (author Phil Simon) about her business and the human side of business communications. Human Side of Business Communications Business communication is broken, but don't take my word for it. In May 2013, the PMI released its annual "Pulse of the Profession" report. Specifically, "$135 million is at risk for every $1 billion spent on a project. Further research on the [...]

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How to Generate Awesome Ideas for Content, Marketing, Products

Using Improv to Generate Awesome New Content, Marketing and Product Ideas Join me for this Blab on December 2nd where we will be innovating new ideas LIVE! It's hard to stand out in a noisy world. To do that you need to think differently. We know improv can help generate new insights and ideas on marketing, product innovation and content. We've innovated lots of new ideas using improv before. Check [...]

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Kathy Klotz-Guest’s Published Work

Sites that Publish Kathy's Work You can read my work lots of places these days. Besides the blog, you can visit these great sites: Social Media Today Convince and Convert CustomerThink Marketing Profs Pragmatic Marketing Nimble Blog The American Marketing Association’s Marketing Power Magazine Business2Community Medium The Society for New Communications Research

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