Creating a Risk-Taking Culture with Betabrand’s CEO

Creating a Risk-Taking Culture of Humor: A Podcast Chat with Betabrand's Chris Lindland New Ideas, Nonstop Yesterday, I got to have my second chat with one of my favorite podcast guests, Chris Lindland. The CEO of Betabrand, Chris has brought innovation, humor and a risk-taking culture to the company. And that has paid dividends. In less than two years' time, Chris transformed this "clothing meets Kickstarter" startup from [...]

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How Brands Use Live Streaming Video

My article first ran on Convince and Convert. I am a storytelling and comedy nerd, a marketer, and a comic improviser. I know how important preparing and letting go is. In the same way software nerds rule technology development (I say this with admiration, as I am married to one!), the future of streaming video success belongs to leaders that embrace conversation, being human, and letting go. (Side note: here [...]

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How to be a More Human Connector: with Bryan Kramer

I had such a great time talking to my friend, Bryan Kramer of Purematter on the show recently. Bryan is an influencer, a down-to-earth nice guy and such a powerful connector. We had fun chatting about how to be a more human connector and the powerful lessons he's learned that we can all benefit from. I so relate to much of his journey and I know you will, too. Follow [...]

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How to Find Your Content Voice (with Jason Miller)

Last week, April 7, I had such a great time talking to LinkedIn's own humble content rock star, Jason Miller, about his journey from music industry to b2b marketer, and how to find your content voice. Your content voice is your calling card. How to Find Your Content Voice (podcast) So how do you find your content voice and hone it? How do you tell your story by [...]

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Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Tell a Powerful Nonprofit Story

On March 10, I had the great fun of hosting and participating in a blab on Nonprofit Storytelling: How to tell a Powerful Nonprofit Story. In this conversation, I spoke with Karen Dietz and Jim Signorelli about creating compelling story stories. Creating a Story Mosaic Nonprofit Storytelling Highlights Some of the key points discussed: 1. Nonprofit storytelling is a mosaic of constituent stories - we have to be [...]

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How to Tell Your Brand Story

Every company is trying to tell a better story today about its business. Why? Because storytelling is the best differentiation any of us has! And that story has to include the stories our customers and communities tell; actually, those are the most important stories in any storytelling strategy. So how do you tell a better brand story? By romancing your customer. What does that mean? Read on! How to [...]

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How to be a better storyteller (video)

One of the things I really love about what I do is that I get to talk to other storytellers - both inside and outside of companies - about trends, key storytelling elements and about important topics such as, "How to be a better storyteller." Follow Kathy on Twitter. Here are two recent videos from two different blabs I did on storytelling. Full of fun and great info. My hope [...]

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Business Storytelling Tips Story Strategy (podcast)

In my research for a new book I am writing I wrote an article on Business Storytelling Tips story strategy. I also developed a module for MarketingProfs on the topic. Improve Your Business Storytelling On January 26th, I had the great fun to be able to talk with my friend and fellow storyteller, Lianne Picot, on VoiceAmerica radio about developing a story strategy, story banking, how to redefine [...]

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Good Storytelling Goes Bad: The Savior Story

Sometimes good storytelling goes bad. It happens. We have great intentions and we mean well. We're passionate and we're on fire, and we want to help people. I get it. I am a passionate person and we should all be so lucky to find that thing that makes our heart sing! When Good Storytelling Goes Bad: Source is And sometimes that passion becomes a big, bold desire [...]

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Stop Marketing Bullshit – Use These Three Words

Bullshit is all around. And most of us agree we hate it. Yet, sometimes we do it. Yep - even me in my younger days. Until I realized how much marketing bullshit hurts us. We need to stop marketing bullshit in our professional and personal lives. It does more damage than we often realize. Bullshit Hurts Why it Matters If I've learned one thing as a storyteller and [...]

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