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Jason Miller, author of Welcome to the Funnel

Content Marketing Funnel

I had the pleasure of chatting with one of my favorite content marketers this week, Jason Miller of LinkedIn, and author of “Welcome to the Funnel.”

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Tips From the Podcast

1. Inject your personality into it. The more you integrate your passion and knowledge of other things into your content, the more creative it will be. Jason is a rock ‘n’ roll photographer and has a passion for music, so his content infuses marketing lessons from bands such as Guns N’ Roses, for example. I infuse comedy into what I do. Find that lens that injects personality into your work.

2. Create a big rock strategy. These are big pieces of content (Jason suggests one per quarter) that feed the funnel. A big rock (example an ebook or a workbook, for example) can be broken up and repurposed into lots of smaller pieces of content used to drive leads to the big rock – webinars, blog posts, videos, etc. We won’t say “snackable” (we don’t like that word!); let’s say digestible pieces. Figure out the conversations you want to contribute to and add value for your audience.

3. Content marketing is the ultimate anti-selfie according to Jason. I agree. Find out where the conversations are happening and about what – find a way to contribute to *that* conversation, not a sales conversation. Should be obvious to everyone now, but…..!

4. Keep a running list of ideas. Don’t forget to go back to your list.

5. Solve problems. Write about problems you’ve had and solved. Share those solutions with your audience. People don’t want content; they want content that solves problems, entertains, and opens up new ideas.

Want more? Of course you do! Listen to the podcast!

Enough Talk: Here’s the Podcast

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What did you like about the podcast? What are your best content marketing funnel tips?

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